Top Things To Know Before You Visit London

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Things To Know Before You Visit London

Is London is your next stop or you think about it for future travel plans. This notable city in the United Kingdom is amongst the World’s most thrilling destinations.

Endless attractions, welcoming locals, vibrant nightlife, delicious food and a remarkable shopping atmosphere are the main reasons for its rating.

Before you board for this incredible spot in Europe, make sure to know these vital points highlighted below including tips for packing when travelling to London.

Currency Used.

London is part of the capital city of England, a country that is part of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom uses the British Pound, so it is the same story to London.

If you are dropping in with your United States of America dollars, just be ready to bear with the current exchange rate that range between $1.25 – $1.34 for one pound.

The tipping Culture.

The average tip is 10-15%. Some eateries usually add it to the bill, so it is recommended to inquire first before you give for double confirmation.

Some travelers prefer paying the tip by credit but this is not friendly to some workers as restaurants and bars don’t pass this to them. Cash is preferred in most outlets and it is also included on the menu.

Public Transportation.

Prices for public transport in London are friendly especially for buses and tube. This is for you to know, Cash is not used for buses. You either use an Oyster Card or buy a single ticket.

If you want to save some money in your pockets, an Oyster card is the best. You can save up to 50% when compared to a person who uses a ticket. London has peak times of day travel and this occur from Monday to Friday (6:30am to 9:30am and 4pm to 7pm).

Top Bus Routes in LondonTraveling with kids.

This is good to hear if you are visiting London with Kids. All kids who are under eleven years use the means freely and don’t need an Oyster photo card.

Then those who are between 11 -15 are offered reduced rates. Make sure to get in touch with the staff member at the tube or rail to get their Oyster cards set for the young visitor discount.

Cars drive on the left.

Drivers in London and other countries in the United Kingdom often keep left while on road. So try hard to look side by side when crossing the street.

If you are used to keeping right but wish to drive in London, please it is better you first get some training and London driving tips.

This is a good advice, if you are good at walking it is great to go that way than driving in London. It is ever busy and roads are full of traffic.

Know the lingo.

All people in Britain speak English but the slang and unique terms differ according to country. Like you can find Londoners using terms that are different from those used in Scotland


Londoners use pounds and they have their own words that refer to it. You will usually hear them say pee rather than pence. Pound is sometimes referred to as a quid. Five pound note is termed as a fiver and a ten pound note (tenner).

Here are some other terms you have heard about and worth noting:

Bin means trash

Boot means trunk (used in the context of a car)

Fag means cigarette

Loo means bathroom.

Cheers means thanks

Lift means elevator

Chemist means Drug Store

Biscuit means cookie

Chips means French fries

Crisps means chips

Ground floor means first floor

Petrol means Gas

Queue means line

Cash point means ATM

Trainers means tennis shoes

Zebra Crossing means Pedestrian Crossing

You have to charge your devices.

Come with an adaptor for the 3-pin UK outlets.  Their voltage is around 230V. A 4 Port wall charger with multiple country adaptors is the best option to travel with. You can as well pack a standard universal adaptor; this is perfect for computer and camera.

Emergency calls.

If you have any emergency and need some help don’t hesitate to dial 999. It’s also important to know where the hospitals are located. In case of any health problem you can easily get there.

London is expensive.

When you try to list the most expensive cities in Europe, London is one of them. If you have a tight budget it is better to spend most of your time in the London’s free of charge tourist attractions like Museums.

Museums are many in number, but what you should not miss is the British Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Where to get cheap eatables.

For Inexpensive lunches, Sainsbury, Boots, Co-op & Tesco supermarkets are the best. Costing around £3, these meals consist of a sandwich, snacks such as crisps, fruits and a drink.

If you fancy a blend of local life encounters and culinary adventures, Camden market is for you.

It consists of a thousand stalls that sell food and a variety of goods at affordable prices. Don’t miss to taste London’s delicious dishes.

Other great places for shopping in London include the Brick lane market for fashion, arts and crafts, street food and Portobello road market for fashion, antiques, veggies and fruits.

Great places for an English breakfast.

The traditional English breakfast usually consists of bacon, toast, baked beans, a baked tomato and two eggs. For most foodies, a trip to London isn’t complete without this breakfast.

Top attractions in the City.

There are plenty of attractions to see in London. Some of these are the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tate Museum. Make sure to explore the South Bank of the Thames River, it has a lot of secrets to unearth including the dazzling sandy beaches.

Is it Possible to see the outside of London?

Yes this is possible and don’t hesitate to get out and explore some of London’s neighborhoods.

Some of these interesting neighbors are Notting Hill, Brixton, Chelsea, Battersea and Hampstead to name but a few. Each neighbor has something unique such as striking architectural designs, dining and shopping options.

Don’t forget to download the London App.

Some travelers give less attention to this, but it is vital. Download and install it on your smart phone. It will provide you with directions, history and some recommendations.

Have a night stay in a castle.

This is one of the top favorite experiences for most visitors to London. You shouldn’t miss it.

A Guide to London is more important.

Get one of the multiple London guide books on market. This book helps with trip planning such as what to see, to do, stay and where to go. The Guide also includes numerous tips on how to save time, money and how to get around the city.

A Secret tip.

For those who want to save money and as well get fast entry access to multiple attractions, make sure to buy the London pass.

This card grants free entry to many draws in the city. There are five durations to choose from including 1,2,3,6 and 10 days.  Listed below are the key benefits of the London Pass.

  • Added Oyster Travel card option
  • Free 160+ page guidebook
  • Money back guarantee
  • Additional special offers.
  • Free entry to 60+ attractions including Tower of London, Kensington Palace and the Westminster Abbey
  • Fast track entry to popular attractions
  • Free hop on hop off bus tour.

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