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Adding to the appealing draws, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife, London has one of the best public transport systems in the world.

This is amongst the reasons why holidaymakers find it easier to travel around London on their own. The rates are friendly and suitable for everyone.

You can use a tube, train, taxi or bus to get around. The transport network traverses all city. This makes it possible to hop on and off for various places of interest.

For those who plan to soak up the city’s unending charms by use of public means make sure to know how much it can cost you for hours or a day.

The details below indicate the charges categorized according to the means available for travel.

By Bus

London’s double-decker buses are the best way to get around the city.

It is not only convenient but also awards plenty of sightseeing opportunities along the way. The bus route network covers the entire city and offers a 24-hour service.

Travel by Bus in London doesn’t tolerate payment by Cash. It is card only. Therefore you can either use a travel card, a contactless payment, or a visitor Oyster card.

A single bus trip to any location in the city costs 1.5 pounds charged by the Hopper fare system. The full-day travel cost not more than 4.5 pounds.

Local Train

The rail service in London crisscross the city and extend beyond the tub network. It also allows payment by Card. The operators provide the service on six routes that connect the city.

The trips are scheduled and set off at specific times from different stages. Rates for train travel in London depends on time and the route you use. The range is 20 – 30 pounds.


This is another inspiring way to navigate around London.

The underground network divides into nine zones with eleven tube lines. Central London is covered by zone one.

Tube services in London run from 5:00 am until midnight. Payment by cash is allowed, but expensive when compared to someone who does the transaction by Card.

The price for a single journey in Zone 1 is 4.9 pounds if made by cash and 2.4 pounds by a Visitor Oyster card.

Train travel in EuropeTaxi

London streets are lined by both black and minicabs that offer incredible taxi services for those who need a ride from one location to another. Taxis with a yellow illuminated taxi sign are available for special hire.

Black cabs are metered and have a minimum charge of 3.2 pounds. They accept to pay by credit or debit card, and no surcharge includes.

If you seek a cheaper option, a minicab is for you. It has no meter. Make sure to ask for the fares before you board.

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