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The Top Grand Choices For Wedding Venue

Best Wedding Venues in Europe

Some of The More Grand Choices For Wedding Venue

When it comes to organizing wedding venues, dreams and reality are increasingly starting to blur.

Marrying a prince might be out of the question, but more brides are taking to booking a castle or grand house to hold their nuptials, as opposed to the traditional churches, chapels or town halls.

So, with more people opting for a slightly grander wedding venue, what high-end locations are there on the market?


As previously mentioned, a castle is the ultimate in fairy-tale wedding venues. They are ideal as they are often remote enough for privacy but still central enough to make your guests’ travel arrangements perfectly manageable, being often built to stand on the outskirts of town or cities.

They also lend themselves perfectly to wedding photos; looking beautiful, imposing and grand whatever the weather, and with the antiquity embedded into every single brick, you can feel part of the history of what is already a very significant building.

Whilst a more risky choice due to their more open nature, castles have the potential to make for a truly inspiring outdoors wedding.

Manor House

Perfectly manicured lawns, coupled with the look of affluence and opulence make manor weddings a very popular choice for couples.

The houses are historic, just like the castles, but often a little more forgiving for a wedding party, with carpeted floors and specifically designed dining halls specifically made for huge receptions.

Often decidedly more enclosed than castles, you can also be relatively sure that the weather will not spoil your day.

Even if the day is rained out, there’s enough to keep guests entertained indoors, even if they are forced to spend the whole day inside.

As with a castle, a stately home makes for fabulous wedding photographs, with nearly every angle making for a beautiful looking shot, whether taking in the grandeur of the whole building, the romanticism of the gardens or the augustness of the interior.

With these as just two of the more exciting and popular choices, it is little wonder couples are increasingly turning to older historic buildings to host their wedding.

After your matrimonial vows you can choose one of the 10 most visited cities in the World for your honeymoon holidays.

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