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Things To Know Before You Travel To Greece

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What To Know Before You Travel To Greece

Do you wish to visit Greece, a country in the south-eastern Europe? Here are some of the things to know before you travel to Greece for unmatched holiday vacations.

Planning Your Trip

For successful planning of your trip, it’s often paramount to know first what’s required and things to ensure for your trip to the destination of interest.

If you are considering Greece as your next destination, let planning of your vacation not to be hustle.

Below are some of the points you should count for and with our guide you will have a memorable trip in the country of pristine Islands.

How to arrive in Greece

Most of travelers to Greece fly into Athens or Thessaloniki.

From there they can connect to any Island by a scheduled flight. If not that, there are direct flights from some parts of Europe to different Greek islands.

In case your flight is delayed and miss out with the connection, you have the right to claim for compensation by the responsible flight company.

Arrange for your ground transportation in advance to avoid disappointment or extra costs on last minute booking.

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

This is a serious point to consider for any traveler.

Whether you are traveling to Greece or any other destination in the European continent, make sure you board with a valid personal travel insurance policy.

Greece is safe for any traveler but you never know, accidents and theft cases are unpredictable, so if you don’t have travel insurance, expect losses at any time.

How to Book a Greek Ferry             

For those flying into Athens or Thessaloniki, you can take ferries directly to different Greek Islands.

Check for ferry schedules that are operated daily and book in advance. Alternatively you can arrange your own ferry transfer to any island of interest. Several operators are available.

How to Get Between the Islands?

There are several options to get between the Greek Islands for those traveling on their own. You can either fly from One Island to another with a flight company in place or you can take a ferry.

Travelers spend most of their time in Crete, a pretty spot that is ideal for relaxing vacations. For more information about this place check our travel guide to Crete.

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