5 Most Visited Cities In The United Kingdom

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5 Most Visited Cities In The United Kingdom

A wealth of vibrant and tempting cities is a reason alone that the United Kingdom is ever listed amongst Europe’s most visited destinations.

This island nation hides in the northwestern part of the continent. It has a lot to explore on your holiday vacations.

If you plan to soak up this breathtaking region, highlighted below are the major cities you must not miss for unending charms.


Situated on the River Cam in eastern England, this city is home to the famed University of Cambridge.

Adding to its colleges, this education institution invites travelers to great museums that present appealing exhibits on polar exploration, history of science, zoology, archaeology, and anthropology.


This is a must-see while on a European tour. Renowned as the capital of England, this 21st-century city has a lot to admire.

Its list of engaging draws includes the iconic Big Ben clock tower, Westminster Abbey, London eye, the imposing Houses of parliament.

If you fancy the unending spectacular views of the entire city and the South Bank cultural complex, the London eye should be your first stop.

Coca Cola London EyeEdinburgh

Of all places to visit on a trip in the UK, don’t miss Edinburgh, the hilly capital of Scotland.

A tour of the medieval Old town and the elegant Georgian New town will expose you to several allures including the neoclassical buildings.

Don’t miss the Edinburgh castle, home to the nation’s crown jewels and the stone of destiny. For those who love monuments and memorials, Calton hill is for you.

Holyrood Park is another interesting place. It is not only a photogenic spot but also ideal for sightseeing.


Located at a point where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea, Liverpool is a maritime city in northwest England. It is the hometown of the Beatles and was a key trade port from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

Adding to the famous football club that plays in the English premier league, this place has lots of other attractions which make it popular.

A tour around takes you to cathedrals, warehouses, museums, and pretty art galleries.


The only city of Oxford shire, Oxford is 56 miles northwest of London, 61 miles northeast of Bristol, and 103 km southeast of Birmingham.

This county town is home to the University of Oxford, the oldest in the English-speaking world. It delights tourists with different architectural styles.


Known for its Victorian and art nouveau architecture, Glasgow is a dream for every travel addict. It is situated on the River Clyde in the western lowlands of Scotland.

The Scottish Ballet, Opera, National Theatre of Scotland, a thriving music scene, and museums are the reason why this port city is regarded as the national cultural hub.

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