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European rail transportation system is one of the most extensive transport systems of Europe. If you have plans for a long term extensive trip to Europe then European rail has to be your primary and major mode of transportation throughout your trip. European rail travel provides you with comfort, safety and wide coverage to the natural beauty and cultural diversity of inlands of Europe, comparable to none. Travelling in Europe on European railroads is a great way not only to meet new people, but also see sights which you might otherwise not get.

Euro rail travels would further free you from troubling about car rentals and remembering the hectic bus schedule and make your trip more stress free and enjoyable. We at Europe Travel Guide are providing a complete and viable European rail guide involving all relevant information you need to know for planning an extensive and efficient European tour.

1st class travel is more spacious, quieter and more comfortable for tourists which provides larger seats, with reclining backs and spacious legroom to stretch out your travel tired legs than 2nd class. So it is advisable to obtain a first class European rail travel pass.

But make sure that the train you board accepts the pass. This is because there are some trains in Europe which do not accepts the European rail travel pass, and if you are not aware of it you would be in an embarrassing situation.

Having a pass means that you do not have to worry about paying fares on individual train journey thus saving a lot of money, giving you the freedom to travel extensively without worrying much about the costs involved.

Visiting Europe for the first time can be difficult because it’s hard to choose where to begin. Plan extensively about the exact route of travel as it would allow you to travel throughout Europe in a much organized way and making the most out of your European vacation.

Certain trains in Europe have become a legend in itself. The first in the line is The Venice Simplon Orient Express better known as Orient Express. One of the world’s oldest and the most famous Intercontinental train passes through almost 13 countries starting from London, passing through great European cities of London, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul, to name a few. For more than a century this truly romantic and stylish train epitomizes European elegance, luxury and continental stylishness, and is still as charming to its passengers as ever.

If you love speed then the TGV or Train à Grande Vitesse meaning ‘High Speed Train’ would be the one you would like to board. It held the world’s record for speed on rails of 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph) until very recently. It connects cities across France and in adjacent countries. A visit to France should include a ride on this train.

You cannot find a better way to experience Europe than travelling by trains. But it needs a little bit of planning, to organize the whole trip. We at Europe Travel Guide would be providing you tips for better planning of your vacation in Europe on rails.

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