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Covid-19 Vaccine to be Announced

Covid-19 Vaccine

Latest: Covid-19 Vaccine to be announced, It’s under process & multiple Laboratories are working hard

When it comes to ranking, there is nothing has hit the World than the Pandemic Covid-19. This Virus started as not serious in China’s Wuhan city. It was given less attention and this is the reason it is shaking the all World.

Due to continued travel after declaration, the virus spread to the European continent starting from Italy, and as of now it is in most countries including Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America, Netherlands and more.

This Virus has put the world economy under instability, most companies are closing like hotels, Airlines and all football leagues are suspended. Right now, different laboratories are working hard to put up a vaccine, although it will take sometime for it to be approved.

All trial vaccines are expected to be out in April, and multiple tests will be done on animals. If a Virus is to be approved, expect it in not less than twelve months.

A Canadian Pharmaceutical company “Medicago” has declared to have successfully produced a Virus like Particle that will be used in further production of a Vaccine to cure Covid-19 pandemic.

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