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The best way to visit Europe is to rent a car and traverse through the roads of Europe, the way you wish, without any bindings and experience the heart and soul of European diverse culture, history and natural beauty.  Unlike rail, bus or flight transportation you do not have to worry about the bookings and the timings in case of car transport in Europe.  Touring Europe on cars would enable you to visit small towns and villages and places of exotic natural beauty and unique local culture which you might not be able to get in any other mode of transportation.

If you have decided to see Europe by car then there are certain things that you must know about European car rentals, the traffic rules of Europe about Europe car insurance and lot more.  We at Europe Travel Guide shall be providing all the information you need to know for arranging a European car tour.

  • First be sure that you obtain International driving license form your country before departing for a European vacation.
  •  Be sure that you understand fully the terms and condition before you rent a car. Also get a full instruction about the operation of the car accessories of your rented car. This is important because foreign cars have controls that might be confusing for you.
  •  Learn in details about European traffic rules and be familiar with the local road signs which might be quite different from your own country. Otherwise you shall land up with a lot of legal troubles and ruin your vacation.
  • The basic rules for using toll roads have also to be kept in mind in great details. Study the exit signs, pay station layouts and methods to pay. In some countries toll plazas do not accept credit cards and for this reason keep plenty of Euros in change.
  •  Check that the car you have rented has proper European car insurance so that if any unfortunate events befall your car you won’t be in any financial crisis to compensate the costs of its repairs.
  •  Be sure that you have the same car insurance coverage level at all countries of Europe. If it is not so then ask the car insurer for comprehensive car insurance that provides equal insurance coverage in all European countries where you wish to travel.
  • Selecting a proper European car for your vacation is also crucial. European Car rental agencies have various brands of cars at their disposal for you to choose from. The thing that you should look for in the rented car more than anything else is its features. Before deciding over the features you must ask yourself the following questions:
  • How many passengers will you have in the car
  • How much time will you be spending in the rental car? If you are going for a long trip then a car with more space and extra comfort features would be best for you.
  • Do you need any extra items with the vehicle? It may be ski racks, child seats, GPS, snow tires/chains etc. Each of the extra items added to your car would cost you additional fees. So make a careful assessment of what you need so as to avoid additional charges over items that you would not need during the tour.

No doubt, Europe vacation on car is the best option if you like adventurous vacationing. But it requires extensive planning and preparation. We shall be providing more information from time to time so that you can enjoy European vacation on cars that is worth remembering.

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