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Different Types of Food To Eat While in Paris

Lunch & Wine in Paris

Various Types of Food To Taste While In Paris


Paris is not only popularly known worldwide for its historical monuments, museums, art and culture but also for its elegancy in cooking which attracts in different tourists per year from different countries of the World.

French cuisines are considered to be one of the best in the all world, usually the streets of Paris are lined by top class restaurants which portray the interest of eating and cooking different types of food usually by Parisians.

Famous actors and players run their own eat outs and restaurants in Paris which again tells us the richness of Paris food as characterised.

Popularly known traditional banquets were brought by the Middle Ages to the upper class with ornate prepared by the chefs like Guillaume Tirel, the cook of several French kings including Charles V and Charles VI.

This popular book on cookery named Le Viandier was written by him and he was the reason behind the strong imperial flavors of red wines produced in the southern part of France. Southwest of France has a greater influence of Basque cuisine.


Each and every region of Paris has different ingredients and dishes, there are lots of significant regional and national cuisines.

Now day’s regional dish has been proliferated into national dishes. Cheese and wine plays a very paramount role in any banquet and has become both regional and national. During the middle age banquets were common among the aristocracy.

Multiple courses were prepared and served in style called service en confusion. In the past food was generally eaten by hand. Meat was usually sliced into pieces and held between the thumb and two fingers. Additionally, Sauces in the past were very strong flavored by mustard.

Food ingredients usually varied according to the seasons and church calendars whereby they started preserving the food items with salt, honey, spices and other types of preservatives.

Beef was often salted and pork was both salted and smoked. Artificial fresh water ponds were created for fish and poultry was managed in special yards.

Paris being in the central region has almost everything from the country. More than 5000 restaurants are there in this city serving any type of cuisines needed by clients.

Paris had two guilds during the ancient regime including the first who supplied the raw materials like butchers, fishmongers, and the second was those who supplied prepared foods like bakers, pastry cooks, caterers etc.

During the 18th and 19th centuries there was a revolution in the cuisines that any chef could now produce and sell any item he wished.

Traditional French cooking usually includes a light breakfast with a hot drink buttered with pieces of French stick or baguette. Bread, croissants and brioches are often taken fresh. It is brought the same morning from the bread and pastry shops.

Lunch is always of three course meal whereby it is usually started by a mixed salad, then a main course with meat or vegetables followed by a green salad served with cheese and finally with a desert.

Dinner is mostly served with a soup and a lighter course. Wine is usually served with the main meal and is selected according to the main course. Otherwise enjoy your time while in Paris having a great chance of tasting on the exciting French cuisines served in their restaurants.

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