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European Countries To Resume Use Of AstraZeneca Vaccine

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European Countries To Resume Use Of AstraZeneca Vaccine

After serious studies, European countries including Germany will finally resume the use of the Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine.

This comes after the European Medicines Agency approved the shot to be safe and effective.

According to the health Minister “Jens Spahn”, Germany will restart administering the jab on Friday.

The campaign however comes with new advice on potential side effects.

He added that the main aim of the government and other 16 states is to start vaccinations with AstraZeneca tomorrow.

Multiple countries suspended this medical product due to reported effects that included blood clots. Now there are ready to reuse the vaccine after the EMA guidance.

EMA supported the decision made by different states “It was right to debar vaccinations as a precaution until the accumulation of cases with this very rare type of thrombosis could be analyzed.”

Other countries like France, Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria, and Slovenia will also kick start the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine following the EMA’s guidance.

France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex plans to receive the AstraZeneca shot on Friday. This is intended to boost the lost public confidence in the vaccine.

Castex said that the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is now effective after approval by the European regulator. Don’t hesitate to get your shot.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said that vaccinations will resume in their country tomorrow. Their priority is to carry out many vaccinations in the shortest possible time.

Moreover, Spain hopes to reintroduce the AstraZeneca vaccination on Wednesday. They have decided to exclude some demographic groups to mitigate health risks.

In Lithuania, the AstraZeneca Jabs will resume on Friday, according to Arunas Dulkys, the Health Minister.

To gear up the cause, Dulkys will join Lithuania’s president and the prime minister to get the shot on Monday.

Besides that, Sweden and Norway have decided to continue to suspend the vaccine as the public health authorities assess the situation.

Sweden said that they need a few days before they come to a final decision.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health director “Camilla Stoltenberg” told reporters that it was premature to give a conclusion. Therefore they need more time.

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