EU To Introduce A Green Pass To Ease Travel Around Europe

EU Green Pass

EU To Introduce A Green Pass To Ease Travel Around Europe

With the need to ease travel around Europe, the EU decided to introduce a green pass to help travelers get to numerous nations within this continent.

The green pass is a covid-19 vaccination certificate. It will be issued only to nationals in the EU member countries after getting the jabs.

The delegates discussed this idea on February 25. The card is expected to be available for travelers by the summer.

Traditional vacation countries like Greece are buying the suggestion and having more hopes for the vaccination card.

Greece and Cyprus signed a bilateral agreement with Israel.

From April, all Israeli nationals will be able to enter into these two nations with no problems provided that they show their Israel’s recently introduced green pass. Malta is another country hoping to join this community.

Aside from that, countries like Sweden and Denmark are working hard to create electronic vaccination certificates.

Their nationals will use these cards to travel abroad. Estonia and Poland exempted quarantine for all trippers with proof of vaccination.

Some members said that for now, we should focus on ensuring that everyone gets the vaccine.

Introducing the card may bring about some discrimination since some people have limited access to the vaccine. Marc Botenga, the Belgian Member of the European Parliament raised this argument.

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