Uganda Is Now A Safe Destination To Visit

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Uganda Travel Guide: How To Get There, Things To See & Do

After the chaotic elections held on 14th January, Uganda is now ticked a safe destination to visit in the African continent.

There was a lot of violence in the presidential contestations, therefore it isn’t hard to understand why most visitors to the country including tourists decided to postpone their travel arrangements.

Some instabilities were expected after this event, but we thank different stakeholders for what they did to ensure peace in the pearl of Africa.

If you are one of those who canceled their flight bookings, it is now the right time to resume preparations for your trip to the East African region.

It is a thrilling destination to visit. I enjoyed a myriad of things when I was there.

How To Get To Uganda

All travelers from border countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo can get to Uganda by plane or Car.

Those coming from nations in other parts or continents like Europe, Asia, and more can only arrive in the state by air transportation.

Expect to land at the Entebbe international airport. This aviation ground welcomes thousands of trippers who board from various destinations to visit Uganda annually.

Documents Required For Entry

This is great to know before you start your journey. There are some particulars needed to be issued with entry permission.

The list encompasses a valid passport, PCR Covid-19 test with negative results, yellow fever vaccination card, and a tourist Visa.

How To Travel From Entebbe

Once you get to the ebb airstrip, you can transfer from this location to other areas like Kampala by numerous options as listed below

Tour Operator. If you are after a customized safari, it is awesome to make arrangements with a legit local tour agency.

There are in a great position to suggest for you the most suitable package to take for an incredible Uganda tour.

Airport Taxi. Another best alternative to help you shift from Entebbe airport is a taxicab. It is cheap, flexible, a good time manager, and ensures privacy. Many taxi agencies offer this service.

One of them is Entebbe airport transfers. From the air station, you can go to a residential place in ebb town, Kampala (the capital), Jinja, Mbarara, or other provinces.

Getting Around Kampala

When it comes to travel around Kampala, there are three options.

You either choose to hire a special taxi, walk along the streets, or get a Boda Boda man to take you to various points of interest.

Off all ways, a special taxi is the best. It’s convenient and safe from multiple distractors like rainfall and sunshine. Walking is applicable only for a short point to point visits.

If you need to get somewhere in time, Boda Boda appears to be more appropriate. Motorcycles can easily dodge traffic congestion than it is for a car.

Places To Go

Uganda has plenty of engaging areas to visit especially for those who are in the state to soak up its natural scenery.

Some of these places are National parks, lively cities, game reserves, Sanctuaries, historical sites to name but a few.

If you are in the nation majorly for culture and history, historical and religious sites like Uganda museum, Bahai temple, the royal palace of Buganda kingdom, Kasumbi tombs and more should be your main focus.

Wildlife addicts reserve their right to put all eyes on the parks, Sanctuaries, and reserves in varied parts of the country.

What You Can Do

The list is endless, but we have tried to highlight those you must not miss before you check-in for your return flight.

Gorilla Trekking.

This is a dream for ape admirers. Research put it that this pursuit is one of the reasons for the huge number of tourists who come to the nation.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda grants a grand chance to meet these rarely seen species in their natural habitats.

Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are the only protected areas to go to if you choose to see Gorillas in Uganda.

To visit these apes in the Jungles, you must buy a permit which costs 700 USD. It is valid for use by one person on the respective trekking date.

Chimpanzee & Golden Monkey tracking

Do you love primates? Chimpanzee and Golden monkey tracking are for you.

With these two activities, tourists can meet the creatures for a one-hour session of interaction through observing their day to day activities.

Chimpanzee tracking takes place in various locations including Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda’s primate capital, Kyambura gorge in Queen, Bugoma forest, and Kalinzu forest reserve.

For species of the old world monkey family, Mgahinga is the only locale that provides shelter to these animals in Uganda.

Game drives

If awe-inspiring views of wild animals can’t leave you settled for a second, make sure to partake in game drives.

Parks you can reach out for this pursuit are Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Murchison Falls, and Kidepo Valley National Park.

White water rafting in Jinja

Other than Wildlife viewing, Uganda is also famous for adrenaline adventures. Be sure to start with white water rafting in Jinja.

This expedition is offered along the waters of the river Nile. It enchants travelers with spectacular sights of riverside scenery.

Boat cruise

Another breathtaking must do is a boat cruise. Most voyages take not more than three hours and delight adventurers with lots of things.

You can choose to take one in Queen along the waters of Kazinga channel, Murchison falls, or Jinja.

Try local cuisine

Uganda is listed amongst the African destinations with the most delicious dishes. If you are a foodie, endeavor to taste a range of local foods prepared by various eateries in the country.

You can reach different restaurants in the city and order a plate that combines matooke, rice, posho, cassava, and potatoes served with meat, fish, chicken, Gnuts, peas, or beans.

Rolex, Katogo, and Luwombo are other exceptional combinations to try.

Mountain Hiking

Nothing is more impressive than taking in picturesque views of stretching landscapes from the peak of a mountain.

With many volcanoes such as Rwenzori, Elgon, Gahinga, and more, Uganda is undoubtedly a remarkable destination for incredible trekking expeditions.

Bird watching tours

Uganda is a dream destination for birders. This country is home to a wealth of bird species including the uncommon shoebill stork.

Customized birding excursions often feed tourists with not only variety but also beautiful feelings in environments filled with fresh air.

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