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Guide To Shopping In Amazing Paris

Shopping in Paris

Guide To Shopping In Amazing Paris – Shopping in France

Paris, the capital of France is one of the leading shopping centres in the world.

The greatest part of Paris is its contribution towards fashion, arts and culture which attract tourists from various parts of the World per year.

Most of the stores remain open from Monday through Saturday in major cities of Paris while shops remain closed on Mondays in the provinces.

On Sundays there are exclusive openings of so many food shops while on holidays most of the shops remain closed except during the morning hours when some of the bakeries remain open to receive clients for some shopping.

La Samaritaine like Printemps, Samaritaine, there are few other departmental stores that provide usual amenities to the tourists like tax free shopping, currency exchanges, translators and many more which seems to be exciting and this attracts a lot of clients.

These stores make a mark in the history of Paris providing huge items for sale, Virgin megastore and FNAC are chain of stores that provides huge variety cultural products to customers like books, music, photography equipment’s and many more.

For perfumes and cosmetics there are tax free boutiques in opera area to go for shopping and grab a great offer at hand.

Paris being a haven for shopping will always threaten your handbags and credit cards, the famous Haussmann store is popularly known as a world of Fashion in Paris.

It competes with Printemps the historical departmental stores in Paris, which is a few yards away in Boulevard. FNAC the leading books and cd stores dominates Paris cultural commerce.

Just few minutes of walk around Paris will grant you opportunities of understanding that the beauty of Paris lies not only in its monuments and museums but also on its elegant shopping centres and malls in place.

There are also many characterised small shops lane to lane that sells everything you may need for your shopping while in this city.

Also there are streets and lanes that specialize in particular shopping like rue des Francs Bourgeois which specializes in fashion and decoration.

The rue de Rome near Saint Lazare station specializes in musical instruments and it mostly attracts those customers who are more interested in Music.

The characterised true pleasure of Paris is the market streets which remind you about the middle ages.

Fantastically narrowed with high and old houses, these market streets provide air food store, restaurants and morning animation. Meat, fish, pastries and other kinds of foods are sold in a freshly prepared hygienic way.

Also these market streets are lined by lots of many cafes, these areas are very different from the city shopping centres.

Traveling in a car through these market streets is impossible because most of the areas are for pedestrians and appear to be small.

The famous flea market called ‘lea Marche aux puces de Saint-Ouen’ was launched in the year 1885 and extends over six hectares.

During its opening days which include Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays it welcomes over 70,000 visitors, in the earlier sixties this place was characterised with beautiful collections of furniture which seem to be exciting.

Additionally department stores in Paris offer a convenient fashion shopping, summer and winter are the two sales seasons to accumulate a lot of funds after your sales.

Usually at the end of January, the Parisian winter sales season starts and in the late June the summer shopping begins and many customers including tourists are seen dwelling in and around the city.

For the remembrance of your exciting trip or for any small gift item nothing could be so appropriate than the kitschy souvenir.

Paris being very popular for its food and wine, visitors who think of bringing a little of to home with them can also have a wonderful selection of mustards, cured meat, vinegars, and more from the stores of Paris.

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