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Eiffel Tower in Paris

Top Facts about Paris – Visit France, Western Europe

France is ranked to be the largest country in Western Europe occupying about 550,000 Square kilometres of area.

Paris being the capital city of France and a notable must go place in the world accumulates much of revenue to the country’s economy from tourism.

Approximately more than 20 million People from different countries of the World visit this amazing city per year. Paris is characterised with many interesting facts as for being one of the most exceptional cities in the world.

Louvre Museum in the city has a total population of about 2,160,000 living there out of 60 million population of the whole nation, and it covers 41 square miles area of France’s total area.

This city lies between 90ft and 120ft of altitude above the sea level and there are many attractions in the city to which people just thrive in numbers from different countries.

These Attractions include The Champ Elysees, Arc De Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Muse d’Orsay, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Louvre Museum.

A tower was built in 1889 for International Exhibition and remained ranked as the world’s tallest structure up to 1930.

It took two full years to construct it, and this is the famous Eiffel Tower, which stands as one of the very legendary sign of France.

The Eiffel Tower contains more than 2.5 million rivets, iron pieces around 15,000, paint of over 40 tonnes and for reaching to the top there are 1652 steps characterised.

The fine city is divided into right bank and Left bank by the river Seine to the North and South of the river respectively.

Paris is a tourist destination, its special attractions like Disney Land Paris attracts 13 million visitors, Eiffel tower around 5.5 million visitors, Louvre museum about 5 million visitors and Versailles palace attracts 3.25 million.

This contributes a greater part to the country’s economy. Without Paris, the country’s economy would just start diminishing at a high rate.

The popular and adventurous Tour De France, usually occurs every summer and more than one hundred cyclists who are all professionals usually participate in this two thousand miles race.

The route of the race is usually changed every year, it’s not constant and Ireland was included once in the Tour De France race for covering that huge distance.

The weather condition of France is geographically characterised with low temperature, usually in winters the average temperature remains 3.88 degree Celsius like in January and in summer it is 20.55 on average like in July. France’s standard time is +1 hour to the Green which meantime.

France’s international dial code is 33 and the one for its capital is 1, speaking of the power supply in the country it is 50 Hz, 220 volt AC, with round plugs of 2 pins.

Paris is also famously known for having more numbers of Museums (70), cultural centres and monuments. Best arts of the world can be usually seen in the Parisen Museum.

Fashion saw more divergent trends in the beginning of 1970s and 1980s and Paris remained the popularly known destination of designers and ramp models, more over the leading trendsetter of the fashion world.

Paris Haute Couture has stood untouchable in the women dresses designing and fashioning. Now Paris has stood as the Centre of fashion influence which was held by London in 1960s.

Paris is an exciting and attracting hotspot to go while in Europe particularly France one of the best destinations to go for your holiday vacations in the World.

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