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Top Places To Go For Lunch In London

Restaurants in London

Top Places To Go For Lunch In London

Nothing is more appealing than spending a day in London. This great city in England has plenty of things to see including the historical sites and the free-standing structures with their striking grandeur.

Multiple eateries which serve yummy dishes dot the city’s numerous corners. We highlight below some of the places to check out for lunch or breakfast in London.


Overlooking the Columbia road and Ravenscroft Street, Brawn has all qualities of a perfect restaurant.

Its menu is rotated around the seasonal produce for European influenced small plates coupled with an elegant ex-workshop interior, flawless services and serene atmosphere.

It is known for the Negroni aperitif, but there are other specialities to capture your attention such as Sicilian lemon, anchovies, mint and chilli, puntarelle and sweetbreads.


Opened in 2004, Bellamy is one of the trendy dining options in London. There are many reasons that thousands check in to experience all that they have to offer.

Some of the reasons include the warm atmosphere and Chef Stephaney Pacoud’s outstanding brasserie fare which include sliced entrecote, iced lobster soufflé and more.

The Greenhouse

When it comes to listing restaurants that populate London’s dining scene, the Greenhouse is one of them. It is referred to as the only old school dining room in town.

This posh eatery consists of a serene garden and once inside, what to admire is the two Michelin starred food. All these delicious dishes are prepared by Alex Dilling, the restaurant’s new Chef.

Roth Bar & Grill

Once dubbed the coolest gallery café in Britain, Roth Bar & Grill is an incredible dining spot in Somerset. It was named after artist Dieter Roth, part of its designs that enchant visitors were made by his son.

Most travelers visit this place not only for food but also for dazzling artworks and endless views of the surrounding cityscapes.

La Petite Maison

Defined by its cream-coloured appearance, La Petite Maison has something unique amongst the notable eateries in London.

It serves authentic and fresh dishes that are elevated by the finest ingredients and prepared by experienced chefs.

Some of these are warm prawns, lamb cutlets, velvety burrata, salmon Carpaccio and more.

Indian Accent

For Indian cuisine in London, the Indian Accent is for you. This restaurant is a branch for the world ranked original Indian Accent in New Delhi.

Don’t hesitate to check it out for numerous luscious dishes offered such as the ghee roast lamb with roomali roti pancakes, sweetbreads and more. Its location is 16 Albemarle St, London W1S 4HW.


Hidden down a lively street in West London, Laylow is a real deal for dining in London. Adding to the downstairs night club, this restaurants features a hard to compare spacious dining room that is full of fresh hair and beautifully decorated. Its address is 10 Golborne Road, London W1. 020 8969 6000.

Jean-Georges at The Connaught

Described unique with its plush room, Jean Georges at The Connaught is a great standout in London. It is managed by Jean Georges Vongerichten, a super chef behind the three Michelin-starred Jean-Georges New York.

This restaurant has a lot to serve including a tuna tartare starter and the renowned truffle pizza. Situated along Carlos Pl, London W1

Kettner’s Townhouse

Established in 1867, Kettner’s Townhouse is liked for its impeccable services. This property consists of a piano bar, a dining room and a champagne bar thus creating options for visitors of varying interests.

Besides that, there are 33 bedrooms reserved for guests who would wish to spend a night in London. Kettner’s townhouse sits along 29 Romilly Street, London W1.


If you choose to ask Londoners of the best restaurants not to miss for lunch, Gymkhana tops the list. This Indian hotspot is precisely designed by use of wooden ceilings, marble tabletops and blood dark mahogany.

It was once awarded a Michelin star and named one of the finest eateries in Britain. The list of piquant dishes served here is endless.

Some of these are wild muntjac, biryani, kid goat methi keema, chicken butter, saag paneer and more.


With its authentic Italian cuisine and laid back vibe, it is no wonder that Franco’s is a favorite spot for foodies.

Adding to the calm atmosphere and a terrace, Franco’s offers such as macaroni with rabbit ragout, nouveau burgers, and artisanal mocktails are exceptional.

Peyton and Byrne

Located amid London’s major landmarks, Peyton and Byrne are a must if you prefer something unique. Some of its dishes include the Cornish squid, the raclette cauliflower, the Galician bavette steak and more.

The Wolseley

The Wolseley stands among the most renowned dining rooms in London. Opened in 2003, this elegant property is owned by Chris Corbin and Jeremy King.

Its menu is designed mainly to offer something for everyone. Whether you are after German cuisine, American or any other type, there are all on offer at affordable prices.

The room is spacious and enveloped with a grand European sense of occasion.

The Barbary

Spots that boast London’s wowed dining scene are many. One of them is the Barbary. It accommodates about 24 people and it’s liked for its tasty food that is widely supplied from the Barbary Coast.

Of all dishes served here, the hash cake dessert and Pata Negra neck seem to be unmatched.


Tucked away in the residential backstreets of South Kensington, Blakes is a mecca for glitz. It is widely frequented by celebrities.

Those who are lucky have got a chance to serve in the same room with some famous people like David Beckham, Mickey Rourke to name but a few.

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