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Guide to French Cuisine & Restaurants to Dine

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Guide to French Cuisine & Restaurants to Dine – Exciting Places & Where to Eat while in France

France is an exciting destination to go for holidays in the European continent and it’s recorded with different exciting places to visit if you are planning to go there for holidays, it is rated to be the home of great wine, excellent cheese and absolutely amazing cuisine served in their exciting restaurants.

If you are in love with eating like I am, you should definitely try out these exciting and good restaurants in France, the word restaurant itself has its origins in France. Therefore, if you are in France, it is usually a must for you to dine in these amazing places for their good services offered.

Spending your time in Paris, you will visit its exciting places and have a wonderful feel to them without forgetting their cuisines served.

Visiting France for the first time, you are likely to start your trip in “City of Lights” known as Paris as this place holds the most exquisite sites like the Eiffel Tower and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Interestingly, you would be amazed to discover a few of the best exciting restaurants of France which are situated in Paris including as listed below

Le Maurice

The first restaurant we recommend in Paris is Le Maurice, the Hotel’s restaurant itself is exquisite, stylish, and decorated with heavy curtains, crystal chandeliers and is overlooking the Tuileries Gardens.

Food served is more delicious and the menu is excellent, Chef Yannick Alleno received a third Michelin star in 2007, and his incredible cooking style is based on a deep knowledge of classical Escoffier vintage culinary technique.


Usually every minute here is worth it, this is one of the exciting places to visit in France. L’Astrance is relatively new but it has turned to be popular due to its quality of the food and the excellent service provided.

It is a good idea to get a table reserved here in advanced before going there, as it is also one of the busiest restaurants in Paris serving different clients.

This place also provides a comfortable and cosy feeling and serves amazing French cuisines like roast guinea fowl, crab and avocado ravioli and foie gras marinated in vergus. Their food is usually fresh and delicious.

Ze Kitchen Galarie

This exciting restaurant is styled like an art gallery and is beautiful. Like their style, even their food is different and as in most of their chefs are inspired by Asians, use of herbs is common here.

Once you have finished your aperitif at Ze Kitchen Galarie, try their delicious food like Sardinian malloreddus pasta with pesto of Thai herbs as well as grilled monkfish is also served freshly cooked and smelling divine.

Therefore experience the great and different types of cuisines served in these above listed restaurants of France while on your great exploration of the amazing Paris.

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