Top 5 Enchanting Spots In France

Mediterranean Beaches

Top 5 Enchanting Spots In France

France is amongst the top destinations to go for fantastic holiday vacations in Europe.

It has lots of allures and engaging places including cities that tempt tourists from various corners of the World.

List below are some of the must see areas in France. There are ideal for those who need to go for holidays as a couple, family members or a group of friends

Luberon, Provence

This is one of the most beautiful areas to go in France. It invites trippers with yummy food, pretty markets, lavender fields and stunning medieval castles.

People are usually never disappointed when they choose to visit the Provence whereby this area is known for its incredible beauty, lively festivals, market days, art, Roman and Greek ruins and its scenery.

It’s recommended to get around this prodigious area with a local guide or any person who knows better about it for a remarkable experience.

Carcassonne Medieval City

A tour through Carcassonne is often a study in contrasts, with the medieval city area a throwback to ancient times and the modern area that represents the beautiful picture of France today.

The original medieval city is still very well preserved whereby the original castle is girded by structures that were built to offer protection during medieval times.

This is one of the experience which is unforgettable after a great visit.

Lascaux Caves

These historical caves are one of the popularly known places to visit while in France, with the cave paintings that were discovered in the caves date back many centuries.

Today these original caves are hermetically sealed and are registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

There is a cave that contains reproductions of the original paintings found on the cave walls in the Lascaux Cave I and the Lascaux Cave II system is open to the public.

Pont Du Gard

This is an engineering marvel that dates back many thousands of years, this structure is an enormous aqueduct that was originally constructed between approximately 19 BC and 50 AD.

Romans engineered the aqueduct to carry water for many kilometres, what many engineers find usually awe-inspiring is that the 50 km long structure only drops a total of 17 m along the total length as characterised.

Mediterranean Beaches

Another interesting spots to visit are the villages and beaches along the Mediterranean. This is known as the Cote d’azur, these are some of the prettiest places in the world.

Whereby many of them have been fishing ports for thousands of years. World famous painters also lived and painted in many of these helmets.

Don’t miss out these areas listed above while on your amazing and fantastic holidays in France.

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