5 Things To Do Online & Earn From Home

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5 Things To Do Online & Earn From Home

The pandemic brought in several changes to the normal life of a human being. It is now a must to put on a face mask, hand sanitizer, and as well ensure social distancing.

Many people in multiple countries lost not only their jobs but also their beloved ones. Traveling is unpredictable and people spend most of their time at home.

If you are thinking of what can turn you productive and earn some money from your house, try these online jobs listed below.

Become a You Tuber

Started in 2005, this American video search engine is one of the most notable online platforms.

It has millions of channels that are operated by individuals from various countries in the World. YouTube is a great employer although most people don’t know about this.

If you want to join this community, the only thing to do is to use your Gmail account and open up a channel.

Use this channel to share captivating videos which can tempt more traffic to your store. Upload your own created content because copyright is ensured on this platform.

Know that you have to work hard to reach the monetization stage and start earning lots of money. For a channel to be monetized, you must have 4000 subscribers.

Once you hit the target, 1million views of one video can earn you from $2000 – $40000 depending on the creator.

Online Teaching

If you are a teacher or have knowledge about different things like the software but can no longer access class, the best way to go is to start online teaching lessons.

You can do this by use of Skype, zoom, messenger, or other video chatting applications.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a way where you partner with different companies to sell their products on the internet and you are awarded a commission on each successful sale.

There are many service providers on the web that practice this type of marketing.

The list includes web agencies that deal with website designing, hosting, search engine optimization, travel agencies, hotels, online stalls like Amazon, eBay, and more, money transfer, pharmaceutical companies, to mention but a few.

Startup an Online Store

Get a few dollars, pounds, or euros and host a shop online. People nowadays prefer to stay at home and order goods to be delivered.

Make sure to vend products that are needed for daily life like clothes, shoes, jewelry, electronics, food, and more.

Google ads

Google Ad Sense is an ideal alternative for YouTubing. For those with blogs that invite huge traffic, you will eat big.

Using your Gmail account, you can submit your website and activate an account to start advertising for multiple online marketers.

Before you hand in a request, try to read the terms and conditions. Check to see whether your blog content satisfies the rules.

Paid Guest Posting

Do you have a blog with a big audience and domain authority that ranges between 30 – 100? Sponsored guest posting is the best deal for you.

Article publication with a do-follow link cost not less than 100 USD. Imagine when you can do ten publications per week. In a month you will save $4000 in your pocket. This is good money.

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