UK Bars All Foreign Holidays Until At least May 17

Airports in the United Kingdom

UK Bars All Foreign Holidays Until At least May 17

Reports show that foreign holidays for all UK citizens and residents won’t be allowed until at least May 17.

Some assessments are going on the rate of infections throughout the region. After, the responsible bodies will decide on when to reopen borders with tight SOPs in effect.

The current travel restraints that include 10-day self-isolation at home, triple testing of passengers, and quarantine for arrivals from red list countries will remain until mid-May.

The new measures expected may require all those who want to travel abroad to possess vaccination certificates. Testing for both inbound and outbound travelers will be a must.

IATA, an international association of airlines revealed that its vaccination app which operates in a similar way to yellow fever certificates could be ready for use by the end of March.

Currently, there are no dates listed for the resumption of international travel. Everything will depend on the review that is set to be ready in April.

Countries in the region are keen on restoring air travel as soon as possible.

It is reported that some restrictions including quarantine and testing will remain in place although there is a vaccine certification scheme introduced to ensure a safe return from foreign countries.

The hospitality industry said that another lost summer could be devastating.

This is a warning and advised Boris Johnson not to delay the vaccination such that at the end of July all adults are vaccinated.

ABTA, a travel association said in their open letter to the Prime Minister that “The Government should recognize that we cannot wait for the full rollout of the vaccination campaign before people start to travel again.

“We only need some principles for restarting travel. The return to normal life will never be entirely risk-free.”

Right now all non-essential foreign travels are banned.

Britons coming from 33 red list countries with new variants quarantine in hotels for some days before they are set free to their homes.

All arrivals are required to come with a negative pre-departure test. There are further tests done on day two and the eighth day of self-isolation.

This is also paramount; Travel constraints for Belgium, Netherlands and other European union countries.

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