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Top Cafes For Breakfast In London

Breakfast in London

Top Cafes For Breakfast In London

If you are a fan of coffee, London has something for you. Its coffee is one of the most delicious in Europe. Therefore make sure to sip before you leave.

You can find it in various localities including restaurants and cafes. Listed below are some of the top-rated cafes you can check out for coffee and other specialties for breakfast.

Seven Dials

Owned by Alex Hely-Hutchinson, Sevan Dials is a must for breakfast in London.

Its menu includes Birchers and toasties, porridge, and almond milk soaked oats with chia seeds. Other exotic dishes to try are sweet cicely porridge and loquat.

St James’s

St James looks like a bit of restaurant but it is just perfect for breakfast.

It treats visitors with cleansing drinks and lots of other eatables including the scrambled egg with caviar. This place is just available for you to start your day with a piece of delicious specialties.


If you are looking for a healthy breakfast around London, Clerkenwell café is the best. It is owned by Clerkenwell, an experienced nutritionist who reserves her knowledge for the noble ends.

If Gluten-free toast and frittata muffins loaded with three eggs don’t appeal, this place features a spread of cakes and pastries.

Covent Garden

This New York-style brasserie differs itself unique with a breakfast menu that includes American style pancakes, almond waffles and usual eggs that are boiled with soldiers or pimped omelettes. If you wish for something lighter, fruit salad and porridge are a good option.


Islington is a branch of the Beyond Bread bakery. It is perfect for lovers of bread. Whether you are after toasted banana loaf with natural yoghurt or charred goat’s cheese on sourdough, there are all on board.

The Black Penny

Situated amid the Covent Garden and Holborn, the Black penny is a Mecca for diners. It offers one of the most enticing cooked breakfasts in London.

The menu includes crispy confit duck hash, brioche French toast and Gatherer, the finest breakfast for vegetarians in central London. Gatherer is made out of roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, homemade baked beans and sautéed spinach.


Anyone who would wish to start his or her day with a ham and cheese croissant, the Bank is for you. Its setting is just wonderful and the available menu includes just omelettes and pastries.


This is a restaurant but usually serves breakfast from 7 am -10:30 am on weekdays. It is a bit expensive so if you are looking for cheap eat outs this isn’t your take.

Its dishes are excellent and some of these include pancakes, granola and Eggs Benedict. Juices include cucumber, ginger and kale.

King’s Cross

Designed by Tom Dixon, King’s cross is a melting pot of the region’s most exciting edibles that originate from the Middle East and North Africa.

Dishes served here include a red or green shakshuka, winter vegetables with tahini and pancakes with date syrup.

If you wish to delve into London’s unending charms, this travel guide to London has some information to aid your success in exploring this amazing destination in Europe.

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