Europe Shopping Guide – Tips & How To Get Better Deals, Shopping In Europe

One of the most integral part of travelling is shopping. It is natural that you would like to bring back some memorabilia for the purpose of reminiscence of the trip that you made.

Europe is a place of permanent cultural carnival tempting you irresistibly, to buy souvenirs and other items on a spree.

But do not shop around like a ‘shopaholic’. Shop smartly, spending your time and money efficiently in order to make the most out of it.

You would be requiring a Europe shopping guide to shop around cost effectively, get mental satisfaction and proper value of your money.

Here are some of the basic shopping tips that would come handy as you hit the European markets.

Do most of the shopping in countries where your currency goes farther, i.e. you would get the most of your currency on the basis of currency exchange rate.

Shopping in Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Greece or Eastern European countries would give you this facility.

Consider to get better deals at open air markets where you can get exquisite goods at considerable low prices than the European shopping malls and showrooms.

But here you have to be a hardcore bargainer and also be aware of pick pocketers as it is here they are most active.

Amsterdam’s Waterlooplein, London’s Portobello Market, Madrid’s El Rastro and Paris’ Puces St. Ouen are considered to be the best in Europe.

Large departmental stores are another such area which often has souvenir sections selling standard local knickknacks and postcards at much lower prices than the tourist shops.

While planning your trip to Europe, also make a list of items and souvenirs that you would intend to buy in each country so that you do not have to drift around the market thinking about what to buy.

Try to stick to the shopping list as much you can.

Place a day on your tour plan of every country you visit for shopping and try to stick to it.

This would help you concentrate on the places of interest you visit knowing that you have one day in your sleeve for shopping only.

Get to know the customs rules of your country i.e. the limitation of the amount of items you can bring back home duty free, so that you do not have to face trouble getting through the customs check at the airport upon your return.

Vending centers in Europe are one of the most lucrative in the world. They will tempt you to buy lots of souvenirs to memorialize your travel to this continent.

But buying wisely would help you bring home the best of what you have desired to buy.