Top Shopping Areas in London

Shopping in London

Shopping in London – Top Areas For Best Deals on Goods in London

When it comes to listing top exciting cities in Europe, London can’t miss. It is not only an incredible city in the United Kingdom but also an ideal destination for shopping. It invites shoppers with its specialty streets, clothing styles, shopping streets and various retail districts

For first-timers, listed below are some of the best shopping areas you shouldn’t miss for better deals on different goods.

Each area exhibits out something unique to the fashion table. Make sure to come with a big suitcase and book for a secure hotel room to keep all your goods after a great day of shopping. This shopping guide to europe is essential before you check out different streets below to grab deals on goods.

Oxford Street

If not the busiest, Oxford Street is one of the busiest streets in London. All this is brought about by the various areas around. Boasting over 300 shops, stores and outlets, Oxford Street is considered as the heart of shopping in London city.

It has all assortments of choices starting from the British to International designers. Selfridges with its fashion, food and furniture is the favorite to most Londoners. For a remarkable shopping experience, it is advised to arrange for this during the weekdays because over the weekends it is crazy busy.


This unchanged retail district is an appealing part of central London. It ranked to be the second-best for shopping after Oxford Street. Harrods is the most inviting for most visitors to this area.

This local shop has a range of goods including luxury and everyday products that are spread throughout its seven floors.

Another interesting shop is Harvey Nichols, this chic retail store feature most favorite designer labels. Sloan Street also stars some of the designer shops like Armani, Gucci and Christian Dior.

Bond Street

Fully packed with sophistication and designer shops, Bond Street is an area for the rich. It is great for those who have extravagant tastes and lovers of international designers.

Adding to Antiques and art pieces, high-end jewellers like Cartier and Tiffany & Co. are also found here. This street was formed from the New Bond and Old Bond Street.

King’s Road

Established between the 60s and 70s, King’s road is a great place to find designer shops, interior design inspiration and trendy boutiques.

Clothing shops in this area are for customers with lots of cash so don’t get surprised once you find higher prices on different goods. Check out different stores for better products and offers. This place is frequented by some celebrities, so just be excited to take a photo with one of them on a lucky day.

Carnaby Street

Carnaby is popularly known as the birthplace of the mod movement, a brand of the British teens who wanted to break away from their parents.

These people wore bolder styles and as well listened to edgier rock music. It is still a great spot for elegant clothing styles. It is lively and lined by numerous shops, restaurants and bars. After shopping, you can have a night stay within and Kingly Court is the best place to lodge.

Covent Garden

Do you want variety? Convent garden is for you. Whether you are after kid’s clothing, men’s wear or women’s fashion, there are all here. Between the stores, there are some posh cafes and eateries where you can stop for a cup of coffee and snacks.

This garden is composed of three markets including East Colonnade that sell a variety of items (including handmade pieces), Apple market, the hub of antiques, accessories, fashion and artwork.

The other market is the Jubilee market, its products change throughout the week. Some days you can find clothing, household goods and other days are for antiques, arts and crafts. Walking around is the best way to go than driving because parking is restricted.

Westfield London

With its theatre, food and stores in one roof, Westfield London is an American style shopping mall. It has a lot of designs for fashion lovers, a day may not even be enough for you because of the abundant stores with e eye-catching products. It is home to more than 300 high street retailers and the Village. The Village is an area within and tempts visitors with its champagne bar and designer fashion shops.

 Jermyn Street

If you fancy men’s clothing, Jermyn Street should be your first start. It is located in the historic London district of St James. This area mainly consists of men’s shops that include suppliers of finest leather goods, shirt makers and tailors.

For women make sure to reach it to grab a perfect gift for your man like a nice shirt made by Budd shirt makers. Just in the northwest of Jermyn Street is the Savile Row, a great place to find the finest British tailor-made suits.

A day stroll through these areas mentioned above is enough to expose you to London’s beautiful styles and international fashion that is worth to show off on an event.

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