A Complete Guide To Buying Goods Online In London

Online Shopping in London

A Guide To Buying Goods Online In London

As the world moves on, technology is dominating. Most things seem to be operated online as it is for some industries like shopping.

The outbreak of Covid-19 and its widespread is an eye-opener that e-commerce should be emphasized around the globe although it is already operating in some continents like Europe.

Online shopping is attracting many people’s attention with its advantages that include time-saving, limit on movements, limits on the spread of infectious diseases like Covid-19 and hustles that are common in crowded markets.

Before adapting to it you have some important things to know and this guide is just helpful for those who wish to buy goods online in London.

What to know

Online fraud is common. This is a crucial point to consider, there are a thousand fraudsters who operate online. So as you choose to buy things online first research about the online store you are dealing with.

Read about their reviews, check for their location, phone contacts and how to get in touch with them in case of any problem.

Some of the characteristics of a fraud online shop include: they don’t include their location and phone contacts, use insecure websites and more. So it is advised that you be more alert about that.

Fraudsters are hard to track. In case you deal with online thieves it is very hard to trace for them especially if you don’t know their location. Therefore make sure to deal with authentic online stores like Amazon.

Terms and Conditions. Before you make any order endeavor to read the terms and conditions that govern all online orders made. Peruse through and understand them such that you don’t fall into crap in case of failure of service delivery.

Mode of Payment. Try to use secure modes of payment like Pay pal, Visa and MasterCard. With these options, you can call for a refund especially with Pay pal in case the services or goods delivered to you are not the same as the ones displayed online.

Why buy online

It is time saving, convenient and comfortable to receive goods at your door than bustling in the crowded shopping areas. Therefore online shopping is the best way to go.

Online buying as well makes it easier to get goods from locations you can’t reach like from other countries. You can just order and things will be delivered right to you.

Top Online Store For Shopping In London

John Lewis

Situated in London, this online store is perfect for those who would like to order for furniture, electronics, books, flowers, home appliances and many more products.


Owned by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is one of the most prominent e-commerce platforms around the globe.

It deals with merchandise, therefore you can order for any kind of goods such as phones, laptops, clothes, shoes to name but a few.


It is known for its London department store in Oxford Street, but Selfridges as well runs an online platform that sells all products from luxury accessories, men clothing, shoes, wedding gifts, to fashion brands.

Planet X

For bike lovers, Planet X is for you. Established in the 1990s, this company is one of the largest bike builders in the United Kingdom. It sells high-performance bikes around the globe.


Focusing on offering strong customer service, makes them one of the most liked online shops in London. There are great distributors of gifts and other gadgets for any occasion.

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer offer online shopping for fashion, kid’s products, clothing, homeware and food around the United Kingdom.


Located in Jermyn Street, London, T.M.Lewin offers a collection of Women’s wear like shirts, suits, knitwear and menswear including suits, ties, cufflinks, outerwear and shirts. It was founded in 1898.


This online marketplace provides a website where companies and individuals can buy and sell their products. Their website offers a range of special deals daily.


Ebuyer is a large online shop for electronic products in the United Kingdom. These products are available for both individuals and companies. Order and your products will be delivered to you at affordable prices.


This is an authentic UK online shop that presents a range of unique products such as original pieces of jewelry, natural health and beauty, pet accessories, fashion brands, gifts, greetings cards and stationery.


Debenhams is a high street retailer and offers a wide range of goods including exclusive fashion labels including own brand designers, international brands, concessions and home products.


If you are looking for the latest toys, gadgets, gifts, games and other luxury accessories, make sure to check out Firebox online shop.


Asda is an online supermarket that deals in furniture, electronics, flowers, entertainment and Groceries. All goods ordered via the website are delivered right to your door. Remember to fill in correct directions of your home.


This is one of the most preferred platforms for online shopping in London. They offer accessories, beauty and gifts, fashion brands and more.

Their iconic store is located at the heart of London shopping district near Oxford Street and Regent Street.


Existing for over 30 years, Psyche brands itself in the field of merging online and offline services. It offers fashion brands for men, children and women.


Superdry is a renowned UK fashion retailer. It offers quality fashion clothing and accessories online and through their high street shops. Their stylish clothing is inspired by Japanese design influences.

The Dressing Room

Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, The Dressing room is a grand boutique that mixes established fashion labels with niche brands and local designers.


This online food shop specializes in delivering all ingredients required to prepare all kinds of luscious dishes in London. Some of these products are vegetables, fish, cheese, fresh meat, spices to name but a few.

Womersley Foods

This is an artisan maker of herb jellies and fine fruit vinegar. They not only ensure true aromas of all the flavors but also balance the recipes to allow maximum versatility in the kitchen.

Gower Cottage Brownies

Recognized as the maker of Best brownies in the United Kingdom, Gower Cottage brownie was founded by Kate Jenkins.

Once your order for their Brownie parcels, it is baked and shipped the same day, this is meant to ensure that you receive fresh products.

Giordano Wines

Offering a range of excellent Italian wines and foods since 1900, Giordano is an Italian wine producer. There are based in Valle Talloria and mix innovation, tradition and modern techniques to produce a range of products.

Their wines products are packed directly from northern Italy and delivered to the United Kingdom. Don’t hesitate to make orders online.

Roberson Wine

Established over 20 years ago, Roberson wine has emerged one of the leading wine producers in the United Kingdom.

They operate both online and from their shop in London. Their services are awesome and offer quality products around London and other places in the United Kingdom.

Majestic Wine

For a mix of case wine and Champagne in the United Kingdom, Majestic Wine is for you. Their main focus is on a high level of customer service, expert knowledgeable staff and quality wine products.

It has over 200 wine shops throughout England, Scotland and Wales and an online platform for online buyers.

Revo Technologies

Revo majors not only in manufacturing digital radio products for the DAB and DAB+, but also the docking products for iPod/iPad/iPhone. They put a strong emphasis on user experience and quality

Skull candy UK

For music lovers, Skull candy should be a good friend to you. This leading electronic brand specializes in headphones and earphones that combine the world of music with fashion and sports.


Sony is among the leading producers of electronic products that are used in imaging and audio out fields.

The Book People

Founded in 1988, the book people is an online book store that offers great books at affordable prices. There is a range of exclusive book sets to hand-picked favorites that are discounted up to 50% off.


Kobo is a provider of eBooks and e-Readers. They have an installation base of about 8 million devices across 170 countries. This online shop has collaboration agreements with many bookstores and booksellers.

Water stones

Water stones are a leading high street book specialist in the United Kingdom. They offer millions of titles and deliver plenty including the specialist book advice from booksellers.

Novatech computers

Not only a leading computer manufacturer in the United Kingdom but also a retailer of Desktops, PC systems, Laptops, components and peripherals. They operate online but have computer stores in Bristol, Reading, Cardiff and Portsmouth.

John Lewis Computers

John Lewis offers a selection of PC, notebooks, laptops and desktop computers.

Their quality computer products are sold online and through stores in the United Kingdom. Computer offers and deals are ever available on their online platform.


This company has a strong focus on delivering the best price-quality products and value for its customers.

There are known as one of the standing manufacturers of laptops, monitors and desktop PCs in the United Kingdom.

Pretty Green

Founded and designed by Liam Gallagher, Pretty Green offers elegant British tailoring and classic pieces online. Their clothes include polo shirts, knitwear, denim and outwear.

A Suit That Fits.com

This property offers hand-tailored suits online. Customers are given the chance to design their own suits of interest-based on classic tailored models. Other clothing items like shirts, overcoats and accessories for men and women are also on offer.


Operating online and through its shops on Connaught Street, ME&EM is a luxury fashion clothing boutique. They offer a concept of complacent luxury with a collection of versatile and wearable clothes for everyday use.


With their shoe brands that include UGG, Dr Marten, Crocs, Converse and more, Cloggs is one of the leading retailers for branded footwear.


Recognized as one of the most innovative footwear retailers, Schuh provides all grand fashion footwears throughout the United Kingdom


These are the leaders of the lifestyle shoe industry. They focus on supplying footwear that appeals to men, children and women.

Sketchers have a range of quality products including over 3000 style of boots, sandals and shoes.

Diamond boutique

These are online Jewelry retailers who specialize in fine colored gemstone and diamond jewelry like earings, bracelets and engagement rings.


Rox deal both in luxury jewelry and watches. There are known for their diamond engagement rings. This company operates online but as well as stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Clogau Gold Jeweller

Their unique, high quality and handcrafted jewellery products are the reason why Clogau won several accolades at the UK Jewellery Awards.

Their products contain a rare welsh gold from the Snowdonian Mountains.

Pets At Home

With over 330 stores across the country, Pets at Home is the largest pet shop in the United Kingdom. They offer a broad range of products including dogs, cats and many other pets. You can order online and will be delivered right to your home.

Animal Friends Pet Insurance

This is one of the top five pet insurance specialists in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1998 by Elaine Fairfax with the main aim of providing pet insurance to support animal welfare charities.

Miller Harris

This is a luxury fragrance by Miller Harris. It brings together the finest quality raw materials with artistry and instinct of a true perfumer in the United Kingdom.

You can order for lots of perfume brands on their online platform.

Corrine Smith Design

These are specialists in bridal accessories and wedding jewelry. Their products that include a wide collection of headbands, handcrafted wedding tiaras, vintage tiaras and hair accessories are offered online and in stores that are found in Scotland and Kilmarnock.


Confetti offer products for all those who are preparing for weddings and other key events like birthday parties, anniversaries and more.

Not on the High Street – wedding lists

These specialize in offering online a collection of products that are made by small outfits in the United Kingdom.

These products are usually available in village markets, fairs and back-street boutiques.

Boutique to You

With over 100’s of elegantly sourced gifts and jewelry from British concession partners, Boutique to you is a great online store for gifts.

Their website displays gifts that are selected for special occasions and all orders are delivered free in the United Kingdom.

Articulate Gallery

This is a UK family-owned business and offers a range of picture frames that are designed to exhibit children’s 2D and 3D artwork. This makes them ideal for gifts of the whole family.


This gives customers a great chance to create a set of personalized gifts and cards. You can change the text and as well upload photos in large numbers to the ready to use designs.

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