How To Buy Goods On Jumia Without Hustle

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Jumia Online Store – How To Buy Goods On Jumia Without Hustle

As the world moves on, online shopping is becoming a trend in developing countries including Uganda.

Most people don’t fancy hustling on the crowded Kampala streets, this is the reason there are opting for Jumia, a prominent online store in the country.

Established in 2013 by Jeremy Hodra and Sacha Poignonnec, this store is under Jumia group a company which operates a wide range of online marketplaces in Africa.

It has its headquarters in Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria. For first-timers below are the detailed steps to follow if you would wish to grab some good deals on Jumia.

Open up an account.

The first thing to do is to open up an account with Jumia. Just log to their website and select open an account or signup.

It is recommended that you fill in your correct details including contacts, home place and more. These details will be used for delivery of purchased products.

Search for your product.

After opening an account, then you are free to search for any type of product you want on their online platform.

Basing on the country Jumia online platforms display different types of goods including electronics, home appliances, clothes, shoes, luxurious gadgets like phones, laptops to name but a few.

Read about specifications.

Once you land on your product of interest, please go on and read about its specification.

This is because what is displayed on the website is just a photo, so take time and read about the specification to see whether they match with what you are interested in.


It is good to compare prices most especially if you know the brand you are ordering online. This usually helps customers to have value for their money.

If you are contented with the prices, then you are free to order your product, just click on the buy now and continue to cart.

Choose the mode of payment.

Once you get to this step, please choose one option. It is possible to pay online using a Visa or MasterCard and Mobile money or you choose to pay cash on delivery.

Some goods require to pay before delivery, just know about that.

Make & Confirm an order.

From the above step, there is no reason why you should not confirm your order. The product will be delivered in about 2-3 days after order confirmation.

Please remember to fill in your correct location details to avoid delays in delivery. Enjoy as you grab better Jumia deals online.

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