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Street Food To Eat On London’s Winter Day

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Street Food To Eat On London’s Winter Day – Visit London For Amazing Holidays

Have you ever thinked about what Londoners do during the colder days? Of course they wouldn’t stay at home and eat hot soup plus enjoying heater warmth.

There are usually many fascinating things on avenues in London like street food. Therefore let’s discover the city’s exciting street cuisine you should taste as listed below.

Roasted chestnuts

These are one of the most expensive street foods in London costing about two pounds for one bag of chestnuts.

However, it is worth spending money because you will enjoy the hot chestnuts in the cold weather providing some warmth. It is an exciting experience to be part of.

Crepe Cake

This is round and thin, they are usually put together to make a thick cake. There are two types of Crepe cakes in Europe including sweet cake and salty cake.

With sweet Crepe cake you can add fruit, cream, syrup and chocolate for better enjoyment while Salty Crepe cake has cheese and bacon inside.


Gelato is made from milk cream, various sugars, and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut purees. However, it is generally lower in calories, fat and sugar than ice cream. Tasting on Gelato is really very awesome.

You will find it very difficult to eat ice cream in the cold weather but it is an interesting experience that you should try at least one time in your life time.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips is an exciting cuisine to test while in England. Fish and Chips are really popular and more liked in London.

You can find it almost in every restaurant in the city, do not miss out on a taste while in London mostly if you have never tasted on it.

Do not miss out to taste on those above listed luscious cuisines during the winter season, it’s a great experience to be part of since these cuisines are usually provided on the lanes during the colder days.

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