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6 Easy Packing Tips For Traveling In France

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Packing Tips For Traveling In France

France is ranked to be one of the most impressive destinations for unmatched holidays in Europe. It has plenty to admire including the vibrant city of Paris.

Planning for a visit to France, no matter what region you’re to stop by, but there are a few great packing tips to follow to ensure your trip goes a little bit easier.

Therefore follow these simple listed below steps for an inspirational stress free vacation.

Bring a carry on suitcase

Some parts of France are compact with characterised small taxis, small seats on the Metro, and some hotel rooms appear to be small therefore it’s recommended that you bring a suitcase that is very easy to carry around.

It’s even better when buying the suitcase, you choose for the one which can be rolled on the ground to avoid being stressed with carrying it in your hands or at the back.

Don’t forget a day Bag with lots of Space

Try to avoid backpacks if you can as they mark you as a tourist, it’s also recommended that you bring a satchel or a large purse that won’t hurt your shoulder when you carry it around all day visiting different places or when transferring from different means of transport used.

This usually grants you plenty of space for a water bottle, snacks, and a place to hold any spontaneous purchases while in different cities.

Leave space in your suitcase

Usually when you’re in Paris during Les Soldes, the biannual grand sales of the year which normally happen around July and January lasting for about a month.

Its better you will leave some space in your suitcase when packing to cater for other things you will buy while on your exciting trip in France.

Wear lots of layers

People in France usually manage to stay comfortable in every type of weather with help of layers. When you start your amazing walk along the streets do not forget the layering because what might be comfortable in the morning may be stifling by the afternoon.

Therefore put on a jacket, cardigan, and a scarf then after wards you can put them in your bag if the day gets warmer.

Let your hair go natural

For ladies it’s recommended that you leave that blow dryer and straightener at home because the electrical system in France is completely different from anywhere else, and products from outside the country tend to overheat.

Avoid damaging your hair or ruining your appliance while saving space in your suitcase because most hotels will have hair dryers built in to the bathrooms for you to use than carrying yours from home.

Comfortable shoes

This is one of the most important things to consider first for a successful and great vacation in France since you’ll do a lot of walking on the streets for the better exploration of the city.

As much as we want to look comfortable in the fashion capital of the world, you won’t be comfortable and un able to enjoy your trip if your feet are aching.

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