Paris: A Perfect Place to Spend your Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day in Paris

Visit Paris for your exciting Valentine’s Day! – Spend your Valentine’s Day in the Exciting Paris with your Partner

Paris is ranked to be one of the cities of love to spend your Valentine’s Day in Europe, there is no city more romantic, more beautiful, or more memorable to celebrate your love if it’s not Paris.

February is a great time to whisk them off and show how much you love them, here are some of our top five reasons why you should visit Paris this February.

What a perfect place to visit in France and propose.

Can you imagine a more romantic spot or time to start your life together as a couple? We certainly can’t but the two of you will be talking about it for years. Therefore make sure you visit the Pont des Arts and put a love lock on the bridge which seems to be exciting.

Save some money!

This is one of the least traveled times of the year in France characterised with few travellers, therefore airfare is much less expensive than during the season when there are high rate of travellers. Therefore choose this season to grab a great deal of cheap traveling tickets.

It’s a long weekend!

Valentine’s Day is Friday, February 14th and President’s Day is Monday, February 17th. Therefore you’ll miss one less day of work. Ranked to be a perfect justification to indulge in some travel!

There are fewer tourists in February.

Usually fewer tourists’ equals to less time spent waiting in lines and more time experiencing things. Get into the Louvre one of favourite places to visit in France in half the time!

All the beautiful museums, attractions, and popular restaurants will be easily accessible and free of the summer characterised crowds. Don’t forget to visit the exciting Rodin’s home for a truly romantic art experience and this will make you feel romantic as a couple.

You can personalize your trip in February with some great deals that you can’t find other times of year.

Although guidebooks can be a great tool, but they usually require extensive reading and organization, which so often we just don’t have time for.

Why not take advantage of the experts and their special seasonal deals? The favourite way to tour France is with a local tour company which knows the ins and outs of the country and the best places to visit, there are two main options here to choose from:

Go with a big group!

Make some friends as you hit all the major sites in Paris, Big City Vision is one of the large group tour companies in the city and offers a number of different trips.

Go with an “insider”!

This is the favourite option, you get alone time with your sweetheart while seeing the hidden, more intimate parts of the city that you wouldn’t get in a big group.

One of the top options is Bliss Travels, a luxury travel company that specializes in food and wine. They also offer a special Valentine’s weekend trip where everything is cared for by the company, but here you will not be with a group.

It’s high time to start planning for your Valentine’s Day, and this might just be the year to go all out, generate memories that will last a lifetime! Paris is one of the most exciting and best places to visit in France, especially at that time of year. Therefore why not spare sometime for this amazing city?

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