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How To Survive On $270 USD For Seven Months

Survival Tips

Survival Tips – How To Survive On $270 USD For Seven Months

Once you read this title for the first time you may believe it isn’t possible but it is.

Surviving on $270 for seven months sounds isn’t a thing to take but you have to, especially in crisis times like this when everything is on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

You may turn hard to believe it, but after all, the highlighted points below you will come to release that it is possible and good to take even during the time after Covid-19.

No one ever thought for a Pandemic in 2020 but it is here and just imagine you were caught unaware with little savings that total up to 270 United States of America dollars.

Some people tend to plan for money to be earned upfront, but this isn’t good at any circumstance. I think it is time to learn and stick to a culture of saving for our future.

If you are a person am talking about, you were caught unaware, no saving and have just $270, it is not the end of your life you can live on this amount money for some good months until 2021 when things turn to normal.

It is a tough moment for you, but you have a way to live don’t just think of getting a rope to hang yourself, you still have a brighter future ahead.

Be with a strong heart and try not to over stress for your good health because once Covid-19 finds you with a weak immune system just know you are gone.

You still have your question how to survive on $270 US dollars and we are here to give you the best way to go.

First of all, if you have been living a luxurious life please it is time not to think about it for these seven months. It is obvious the all world is in hard times, then why should you hope for a good life just think about that.

If you were not good at budgeting for the time you have lived, this is the best time to teach yourself how to budget for your money and use it responsibly instead of wasting it.

The first step for you to take is to determine what is necessary to your life and what isn’t in these remaining months.

In normal life the first things to think about is accommodation, food and health, clothing is also inclusive but not necessary in these hard times, you can put on what Covid-19 found you with.

Therefore accommodation, food and health are the major points.

For accommodation, rental fees are a must if you are a person who doesn’t own a single house, food; you can’t live without eating unless you want to die before this dangerous Covid-19 knocks at your door.

Health problems are unpredictable so you just live expecting it at any time.

When you get 270 US dollars and divide it into seven the answer is 38.6 US Dollars. This means whether what or what you have to spend $38.6 per month.

Then we move to this step of dividing the above amount of money for accommodation, food and health per month. The first thing to consider is the accommodation.

If you have been staying in a room that can cost you $50 including water and electricity per month, first forget about it.

Look for a cheaper room which can cost $27 per month including electricity and water. Out of the 38.6 USD, you are remaining with 11.6 USD.

Looks to be a small amount of money but during hard times you have to improvise and food of about $8 is enough for you to eat in a month provided that you are limiting yourself.

Look out for local markets and shop food at cheaper prices but remember to ensure social distancing. Haha don’t think about online shopping, this is not for you at this time.

After food you are remaining with 3.6 US dollars, this can cater for health since it is just expected and as well you can access government hospitals for free services or if you have medical insurance then you are at a safer side.

Don’t just think of ending your life in a minute by taking poison or hanging, you can still live and be a successful person after years.

Covid-19 is real, kills and spreads from person to person, so stay home, stay safe and ensure social distancing. Your life matters.

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