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Top Places to Eat London’s East End’s Foods

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Top Places to Eat London’s East End’s Foods – Visit London & Taste its Fantastic Cuisine

London is an exciting city to visit while in Europe for your holidays, it’s recorded with many exciting places to visit, things to see and several exciting activities to be part of.

Listed below are the best recommended places to eat London’s East end’s foods while in the exciting Europe for your discoverable holidays.

St. John Bread and Wine

This is an exciting and nice place to spend some time, there is no any greater thing to start the day than getting your incisors stuck into a sandwich which is full of bacon most especially when that bacon sandwich comes from St John Bread & Wine.

Additionally a cup of coffee and a piece of sourced meat between two slices of freshly char grilled bread are enough to excite your sense up to your fullest.

Therefore do not miss out on visiting this exciting place for a great meal served.

The English Restaurant

This Restaurant is located in what used to be a nut factory in the 16th century and this building is also ranked to be the oldest house in Spitalfields.

This restaurant will serve you a poor man’s food around the 13th century.

Its interior design by renowned architect Nicholas Hawks moor is cosy, with gorgeous wood detailing using the material that were salvaged from the Christ Church.

The menu of this restaurant is traditional but well-crafted and befitting the location, several dishes are not appetitive, though it’s a good idea to try new ones and change your concepts about them while in London.

Bedales Wine and Food

Exciting Spitalfields used to be Europe’s oldest red-light district, and its streets around ran red with the blood of Jack the Ripper’s victims, thankfully this place is much safer these days.

There are many characterised lovely wine bars in the area, and you can even try before buying one bottle, they also offer tasty accompaniments such as cheese platters, high-class bacon and other nibbles.

Currently the whole notion of food has changed so much and London now rates as one of the best cities in the world for gourmets, whether for Michelin-starred fine dining or trendiest new street food.

Poppies of Spitalfields

Fish & Chip is a delicious tradition dish started by Joseph Malin in the 1860’s when the imported Portuguese fish was combined with Belgian chips resulting into a British icon.

Sparing some time for Poppies of Spitalfields, you will have a feeling of 1950s’ life.

This amazing restaurant is characterised with a classical space with vintage style outfits, a retro jukebox playing vinyl records plus black and white pictures on the paper sticked wall.

All of this attention to decor and recreating a former time will make your meal more interesting, delicious, fantastic and exciting.

Aladin Curry House

This is ranked to be the best Indian restaurant on Brick Lane Street where you can enjoy the best curry characterised.

It was opened thirty years ago at its present location. Nearby this exciting place to go, there are very many famous restaurants, pubs and bars to compare and contrast.

Exciting Aladin is the best place for those who want to have the best characterised night ever in London. All dishes are prepared by chefs who have worked for Aladin in more than 25 years.

The characterised impressing space, perfect services and original smells are the major attracting factors which rank Aladin to be the best Indian restaurant in London

Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery

Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery is the oldest bakery in London and it has been serving locals, taxi drivers, passers-by and more for 24 hours since 1977.

They usually go through thousands of little dough balls to make 7,000 rough breads each day, baked with Jewish style.

Salt beef, pickle and mustard or a cream cheese and salmon beigel are the most exciting things to have a taste while in this place.

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