Top Airports In London, Visit London

Airports in London

Top Airports In London, Visit London

Listed amongst the World’s most exciting cities, London is a favorite destination for holidaymakers. This 21st-century city is the capital of England. It welcomes thousands of travelers per year.

If you are travelling to this great destination, you can easily get there by air transport means.

This article highlights about top airports in London that welcome multiple scheduled flights from other parts of the World.

The most recommended for visitors are listed below.

London Heathrow Airport

Found to the west of Central London, this airport is included on the list of the World’s busiest airports. It is estimated that about 219000 passengers arrive and depart this landing space per day.

It handles the biggest percentage of international passengers than any other airport in the World.

London Gatwick Airport

Serving about 200 destinations in 90 countries per year, London Gatwick Airport is the most efficient single-runway airport in the world.

It is 45km in the south of London and ranked the second largest in the United Kingdom.

London Stansted Airport

Named among the fastest-growing airports in Europe, London Stansted Airport is the busiest in London. It is located 64km to the northeast of London and welcomes most of the UK’s low-cost airlines.

London City Airport

Situated about 9.5km east of central London and 4.8km from Canary Wharf, this airport is the most convenient in the city. It has a single runway which handles specialized flights to New York and business travel to Europe.

This facility is large in size, therefore it is not hard to understand why arrivals and departures through this airport are easier and quicker.

London Luton Airport

This airport is not only one of the largest in the UK, but also a major base for low-cost air travel.

It is about 56km north-west of Central London. From the airport, it takes about 10 minutes to get to Luton Airport Parkway train by shuttle bus.

London South-end Airport

This is another airport in London. It is 64km from the center of London.

All passengers to the airport are required to clear the security control before entering the departure lounge.

Most of the airport’s buildings are girded by shops, restaurants, cafes and a bar where you can get fresh drinks.

For a deeper insight into London’s best things to do, what to see, where to eat and stay, check out this guide to London.

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