Top 10 Biking Destinations around The World

Mountain Bikes

One of the best ways to delve into a destination’s endless charms is biking.

This activity offers not only spectacular views but also heads you to off the beaten path draws. If you are a novice rider it is better to start with areas that are easy to challenge by a bike.

Later on, you can try the ones recommended to experts. Make sure to choose the best bike. For starters, it is paramount to know about the top facts about mountain bikes.

You will have something added to your experience for a person who is targeting to become a professional rider.

Aside from that, we have tried to highlight the top 10 biking destinations around the World. Whether you are an amateur or experienced, there is a place for you to hone your biking skills.

Wine country – Chile

Do you love to cycle past the stretching vineyards? Colchagua valley is for you. This is the wine-growing region of Chile.

Within this area, the slopes are scored with merlot grapes, and family-run vineyards award opportunities for visitors to taste multiple wine brands. It’s breathtaking to take a slow-paced pedaling while admiring the Andes views and having several wine stops.


With rice barges drifting along backwaters to Chinese nets wafting off the coast, Kerala is one of the many reasons for a trip to India. For mountain bikers, this is a place you should start with.

The rides along back roads stretch of tea plantations to the wildlife reserves has a lot to impress you. Don’t miss to combine your riding adventures with beach and houseboat stays. The experience is amazing.


If there is a place not to omit for bicycling, it’s Cuba. This Caribbean country enchants travelers with its year-round warm weather, manageable gradients, and traffic-lite roads.

For an unmatched adventure, you can start the ride from the northwestern tobacco fields of Vinales to the southeastern coast. On this route, you will pass by cowboys, horse carts, bars, hand-painted murals, and shacks selling sugarcane juice.


One of the destinations you must include on your European biking tour is Spain. It has some testing rides, 2400km of disused railways that were converted into easy to haul paths.

Over 120 routes can lead you to different regions of the country. Of all don’t ignore the 128km Olive oil green-way. It starts in Jaen and crosses the 19th-century viaducts as it traverses through the unending groves.

Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

Within two weeks this adventure can enable you to tour three countries and you will have plenty to appreciate. A guided tour will give you full support and access to back-up buses.

The path is more breathtaking between Granada and Panama City. This area exhibits Central America’s natural wonders such as the colonial cities, pacific and Caribbean shores, wild forests, and steaming volcanoes.

4Rivers: South Korea

For a couple of years, South Korea has been trending amongst the destinations with the most appealing cycle path systems. It is no surprise that it welcomes a wealth of bikers per year. These visitors are more taken by its 4Rivers cycle network.

This track comprises over 600km of facilitated waterway that follows trails across the country. The most interesting part starts from Seoul and traverse through stunning rice fields, small villages, hydroelectric dams, and wetlands to Busan.

Heart Route – Switzerland

Starting from Lausanne to Rorschach, this 710km trail was designed with the e-biker into consideration. Meandering through the Alpine foothills is a bit challenging on a normal machine but with the e-bike it is manageable. This path entices adventurers with unending views of the Emmental valley, historic towns, and Lake Thun.

Southern Thailand

Most travelers know Thailand for its luscious food, but it is also idyllic for biking. Its most appealing journey starts from the east coast of Bangkok and winds to reach the Gulf Islands.

En route you will soak up the untouched beaches, pretty fishing villages, spreading plantations, and the towering limestone mountains of Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park.


For those who are after challenging trails try Jordan. Its tracks are unmarked and some have wheezy climbs. The pretty Jordan Valley has some flat areas that are great for undulating riding.

Apart from a cycle from Madaba to the Dead Sea, you can try other highlights that include a ride to Little Petra, the sand-blown sections of the Old Desert Highway, and more.

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