Top Facts About Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Top Facts About Mountain Bikes

For those who need to join Mountain biking, these engaging facts about Mountain bikes are important to know before you start practicing.

It is our pleasure to give useful details and various brands you can use for your cycling adventure. Commonly called a bicycle, the mountain bike is basically designed for off-road riding.

This includes variety of pursuits such as traversing of rocks, steep and narrow declines, on the dirt trails, to log roads, and other caliche-topped environments. The activity is referred to as mountain biking.

These types of bicycles must be enabled to sustain the pain of off-road usage with obstacles namely heavy rocks and logs.

Mostly the mountain bikes are used with wheels and rims measure of 559mm in Indian Std.

Sizing Wheels required on mountain bikes normally use a wider range, knobby tires to undergo good traction on odd terrain and immediate shock absorption.

In between 1990s, front wheel suspensions have become the average and later in 1990s, complete front and rear suspensions to be turned out increasingly common.

Some of the mountain bikes are even equipped with bar ends on handlebars to provide extra leveraging for hill-climbing.

Mountain bikes often take the usage of frames designed for the purpose of off-roads, which are more strengthened to sustain higher jumps and hits and which use geometric alignment that allows for even more bouncing riding against obstacles like ramps, logs, and rocks.

In 2000s, mountain bikes have alternatively 21, 24, or even 27 speed, with three gears in front side and at rear wheel such as 7, 8, or even 9 gears.

Mountain bikes with thirty-speed have previously been not functioning properly. Mud-shedding potentialities of a 10-speed container, and the involution of a 10-speed back end derailleur have been never satisfied in this case.

But, majority of the professional level mountain bikers are using a narrower with speed of 10 road chain and with a nine-speed arrangement in an attempt to decrease the weights of their mountain bike.

Best Mountain Bike Brands

Santa Cruz

With over 13 dirt-focused models to choose from, Santa Cruz is a major player in the cycling world. Established in 1994, the company  produces a range of brands including the new Heckler e-MTB.

Other brands that tempt riders are Bullit, Driver 8, VP free and recent additions such as Hightower, Bronson 27.5 and Nomad. It is rare to find a parking lot of bikes without models of Santa Cruz.


Popularly known for their unique approach to designing bicycles, the Connecticut-based Cannondale has never disappointed riders with its brands.

Their polarizing designs over the years have been the one-sided Lefty fork and unique Headshok unit both of which replaced standard suspension forks on most models.

Cannondale’s bikes differ themselves unmatched with their use of oversized aluminium tubing and frames built out of lightweight alloy.


After its establishment in the 1970s, Diamondback mostly focused on BMX bikes.

Some of its bikes like the Viper BMX and the cross country WCF carbon hardtail were rated the best from the early to mid-1990s.

Later a series of ownership led to a focus on less expensive store models. Like any other bike manufacturing company, Diamondback offers bikes at affordable prices that are great for any rider.


Founded in the early 1970s, Specialized produces some of the premier Mountain bike brands in the World.

There are currently manufactured in Taiwan but its roots are firmly planted in California. It has a range of brands, but the bikers’ favorite is the Stump jumper.

Launched in 1981, this bike brand was the world’s first mass-produced mountain bike.

The country still offers more than 20 versions of the full suspension design including electric bikes, mountain and road bikes.

Trek Bikes

Wisconsin-based Trek produces one of the biggest brands in this business almost at every price point.

Trek is renowned for its focus on the road riding but their mountain biking lineup is equally extraordinary.

The Trek Fuel EX is one of their most know models in this category. It has various changes over the past ten plus years to its designs but still doing a great job.

Giant Bicycles

There are a handful of factories that make the vast majority of bikes and Giant manufacturing is one of them.

Established in 1972, the Taiwan-based Giant manufacturing company produces bike frames for multiple world’s top cycling brands.

Their in-house bike started up in 1981 and the most popular brand is Trance line, a suitable option for riders who need a multipurpose bike.

Salsa Cycles

This company originates from a Northern California garage and was established in the early 1980s.

It is best known for their bike packing and adventure-focused models like the Tour Divide-winning Cutthroat and the time-tested Fargo.

Apart from that Salsa offers an extensive range of more traditional bike options.

One of the most popular models is the Timber jack 27.5+ with its plus-sized tires and aggressive feel. It can be set up with frame bags for back-country overnights.


Kona is large enough to offer bikes for all levels. This company is located in Vancouver and was founded in 1988.

Its bikes have been more about fun than any other thing and one of its most popular models is the 130mm travel free ride.

Nothing is more rewarding than riding the Whistler bike park and North shore trails aboard this bright chrome and a red bike.

Co-op Cycles

This brand became more popular in late 2016. Formerly known as Novara, this company was well regarded in the urban and traditional road-cycling community.

Its bikes were cheaper, but with quality parts. Today it boasts more than 20 models starting from the road, adventure to mountain bikes.

YT Industries

One of the first direct to customer companies to enter the US bike market was YT industries. It remained popular and produces high-quality bikes with end parts of great prices.

Most bikers say that it’s hard to ignore the value that brands like YT, Commencal and Canyon provide.

One of the company’s brands to try is the top of the line, Capra. It costs about $2500 which seems to be cheaper when compared with other brands.

Yeti Cycles

If there is one bike brand that any rider shouldn’t miss, it’s Yeti. Currently based in Golden, Colorado, this now rider-owned company was founded in 1985.

Its brands are one of those rated best for younger talents to improve their skills. A range of brands like Jared Graves, Richie Rude, Aaron Gwin and Juliana Furtado is available for novice riders.

Pivot Cycles

It is not steeped in history like other most known brands but it has already made a name for itself. Started in 2007, Pivot Cycles is owned by Chris Cocalis, one of the world’s mountain biking legends.

It is located in Tempe, Arizona and known for producing high-quality aluminium and carbon bikes.

Its popular models include the Firebird 9, time-tested Mach 4 and the long-travel 29er. Pivot’s most bikes are offered in carbon, but they recently introduced the cheaper aluminium option.

Ibis Cycles

Founded in 1981 by Scot Nicol, Ibis Cycles is known within the MTB community for producing top-notch bikes. It was privately owned until 2000 when the owner decided to sell it to an investment company.

After some years, the company went bankrupt and closed doors up to 2005 when it was reemerged and launched their Mojo carbon full-suspension mountain bike.

Apart from that, the company came up with other brands like the long-travel 29er, tidbit, one gravel grinder, the DV9 and more.

Evil Bike Co.

This Bellingham-based company is owned by Kevin Walsh and takes a different approach to design their rigs. Evil Bike is one of the most intriguing brands in the market.

It was born in the Pacific Northwest where rough and steep trails are common. Their notable addition 29er put Evil on the map and impresses riders with its larger wheels.

It as well features a slack head-tube angle and is fun to ride for those who are addicted to biking.

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