Top Exciting Must Go Places in Amsterdam.

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Top Exciting Must Go Places in Amsterdam – Explore the Capital city of Netherlands with its fascinating places

Seeking for a remarkable European trip on your next vacation holidays, Amsterdam should be among your main highlights to feel the real adventure.

On top of being the capital city of Netherlands, this is a charming city to remember, it’s geographically located in the western part of Netherlands in the province of north Holland.

The excitement experience on a visit is usually brought by its several things offered including activities and within exciting places combing culture, incredible nightlife, and historical sites and cool relaxing places.

Listed below are the highly rated exciting places within Amsterdam, you should go and feel a visit worth it, enjoy Amsterdam.

Flower Market

Popularly known as the Bloemenmarkt, this is one of the most highly rated places in Amsterdam. This stretch on the singel canal is defined by its diverse range of fresh flowers, it’s usually open from Monday to Saturday.

Feel relaxed with a visit to this alluring place of peace and buy some fresh flowers for your gardens and designs at home.

Watch the sunset at Pllek

Pllek is rated as one of the coolest places in Amsterdam, head over there for a winter or summer evening to enjoy the pleasant characterised sunset. With your day spent in this exciting, a hot chocolate or glass of wine is a perfect treat to feel the relaxation.

Rembrandt House Museum

This is a perfect place to remember Rembrandt and his wife, it is located in their former home and its where most of his paintings were created.

A day tour spent in this place is perfect and enough for you to know more about the history of Rembrandt including his famous works done.

National Monument.

This is a pillar in Amsterdam standing at a height of 22 meters, it’s an evidence or memorial to victims and veterans of the Second World War.

Smell the flowers at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

This is a perfect botanical garden to relax after a long day outing in Amsterdam, it used to be devoted to medicinal herbs but now flowers usually bloom in this place during summer.

Enjoy Port and Canals of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam’s port stretches for 19 kilometres up to the sea, Cruises are usually operated here on daily basis. Therefore do not miss out enjoying the spectacular views of the city from waters. You can choose to do a half or full day experience at affordable prices.

Visit the Royal Palace.

This official residence for the king of Holland was constructed in 1648 as sign of their power. This stunningly beautiful palace wows most of visitors to Amsterdam with its exhibited ancient architecture of Rome.

Visit the Anne Frank Museum.

This a former home in Amsterdam where Anne Frank and her family hid during the Second World War. It’s another perfect place to dive into dive into Amsterdam’s history.

Explore The Van Gogh Museum.

This dazzling place in Amsterdam feature a diverse collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings than any other place in the World.

A day tour to this place is enough to tell more about this 19th century artist, one of the currently most prized artists.

De Bakkerswinkel

This is a perfect exceptional cafe located on one of the oldest streets in Amsterdam, it’s a nice place to have a cup of tea plus going local while tasting on Amsterdam’s exciting local cuisine.

The Rozentheater

With a bunch of comedians, this theatre is a perfect place to experience Amsterdam’s stimulating nightlife. It’s a clear answer to those who are still asking of top things to in Amsterdam at night. Go over there and have fun.

Eye Film Museum

When it comes to Amsterdam’s top exciting places to visit, this expensive archive of Dutch films is also inclusive. It’s located in a building nestled on the main waterfront of the city. Several international screenings for Dutch films are organised in this place.

Bike City

Renting and riding a bike around is the best way to catch stunning views of the city, Amsterdam is most famous for its friendly paths heading you to different hotspots with in the city.

Red Light District.

This is rated as one of the mostly visited exciting places in Amsterdam for both locals and visitors from different parts of the World.

It’s characterised with several bars at different corners ranked suitable for a nightlife experience.

Spend a day in Vondel Park

This exciting place to go in Amsterdam attracts in different tourists from different parts of the World on daily basis.

It features a diverse range of Restaurants, cafes, open air theatre and rose gardens. It’s a cool place to relax for your day spending in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam’s west Church.

This church gained its popularity after a famous wedding of Queen Beatrix in 1966. It exhibits a unique style of architecture and Gothic designs, its tower at 85 meters is the highest in the city.

Enjoy Begijnhof

Relax and refresh in the serene gardens of this spectacular place to be in Amsterdam. This oldest hofjes used to be a beguinage but now it’s currently a site of two churches including the Catholic Houten Huys and the English reformed church.

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