Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Europe.

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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Europe – Spend your Exciting Honeymoon Holidays in Europe’s Exciting Places

Congratulations on your engagement and thank God for reaching that day! But have you thought about where you are going to spend your amazing honeymoon holidays? You may be so busy preparing for your wedding reaching to an extent of neglecting the task of choosing a honeymoon destination to go.

But honeymoon holidays are always romantic because it is supposed to be that period when you get to spend some quality and amazing time together as newlyweds experiencing each other.

And when you talk of romantic, few places in the world can beat the many amazing and exciting countries of Europe for your wedding destination and honeymoon holidays. Listed below are some of the attracting and exciting places to go if you choose to spend your holidays in the European continent.


One of the exciting places to go in France is rated to be the city of romance so this should be the perfect honeymoon destination for you to spend your amazing time including love, care, adventure and more.

Sidewalk cafes in Paris spell romance so don’t forget to take your first coffee as husband and wife in one of such cafes along Champs Elysees.

There are a lot of champagne to hold you up in your characterised luxurious hotel room but never leave Paris without visiting the exciting Louvre of the L’arc de Triomphe to experience their good offered services.

Take your bride for a stroll along the Eiffel Tower too. Do you want to be more daring? Why not spend some honeymoon time at the fantastic Cap d’Agde, a village which is popularly devoted to naturism.


Usually the name Switzerland itself will remind you of the historical snow and the Alps but there are other romantic and exciting places to visit when you are on your honeymoon holidays in Switzerland.

It is considered as a skiing paradise so you may need to come along with your skis and winter clothes. Your bride will definitely have a fantastic shopping in one of Geneva’s exclusive boutiques but save some for your visit to the eh Nestle Food Museum, Olympic Museum and the Chillon castle for amazing time to remember after your honeymoon holidays.


You can choose from as many as a thousand islands in Greece but choose Greek islands which have the standard facilities recommended for tourists to make sure you will have a perfect honeymoon to remember.

Among the most common destinations to go in Greece are the islands of Mykonos, Crete, Santorin and exciting Rhodes.

If you and your bride are enthralled with Greek mythology then this would definitely be an enjoyable, amazing and memorable occasion for you during your holiday time. Spending your honeymoon holiday time in Greece is worthy it and you will live to remember the great moments associated.


An amazing visit to Rome and the cities of Rome, including the Vatican and Milan is a must for newlyweds who want to mix pilgrimage and honeymoon in one trip which seems to be exciting.

Bear witness to the papal seat and the best works of art in Rome, enjoy the gondolas in Milan and embrace the Renaissance culture in Florence. Don’t forget to visit the exciting Bellagio as it is often referred to as the prettiest European town.


What could be more romantic and exciting than a honeymoon in the land of Don Quixote? Watch a bullfight or learn the fiery gypsy flamenco exciting dance.

You can even spend the rest of the afternoon in one of the attracting Spain’s scenic beaches. Do everything you are passionate about during your honeymoon time to avoid regrets. For that is what Spain is all about romance and passion. So do not miss out with it

Do not forget to bring your digital camera and lots of spare memory bytes such that you can show the people back home how you enjoyed your getaway in Europe. Therefore enjoy your amazing and fantastic time as you spend your honeymoon holidays in Europe.

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