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Cheapest Countries & Cities to Visit from Amsterdam either by Train Travel, Bus, Fly by Plane or Hire a Car and Drive at your own Pace.

Although this cosmopolitan city features a diverse range of exciting things that can keep you busy on your Dutch trip, but it’s also worth mentioning when you spend part of your reserved days in other nearby exciting cities and countries.

Combining your Amsterdam trip with other nearby cities of Dutch or countries is a great exposure to other charm which may not offered by this Capital city of Netherlands.

Listed below are the cheapest countries and cities to go after your remarkable moments in the spectacular features of Amsterdam which combine culture, nightlife, markets, local experience, city life, history, nature and adventure.


This amazing destination belongs to the South Eastern part of Europe, it’s defined by its northern plateaus, mountains and ski resorts which are nestled to the south of Europe.

It’s popularly known Capital City “Belgrade” is a home to the Kalemegdan Park, alluring architecture, historical sites like Empires including Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

For those seeking a mixture of adventure, culture, history, nightlife experience and relaxation, Serbia is a dazzling destination to be for a couple of days.

There are several ways of connecting from Amsterdam including by bus, plane, train or drive on your own pace. The quickest way of connecting is by flying with a plane (5hours &45m) and the cheapest way is by bus (costing about $80 – $95 USD).

There is a direct bus from Amsterdam to the Capital city “Belgrade”, the service is provided twice in a week particularly on Wednesday and Saturday.


This base in the South Eastern part of Europe is mostly known for its famous forested region of Transylvania which is geographically surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains.

Several fortified churches and castles abound in some of its medieval towns like Sighisoara, this is the right place to witness Romania’s ancient display.

The capital city of Romania is called Bucharest popularly defined by its huge display of communist era government buildings.

Connecting from Amsterdam to Romania is a usual step taken, you can go by several means including bus, fly by plane, train or drive yourself.

The quickest way of connecting from Amsterdam is by flying which takes about 5 hours and 58 minutes, it costs about $75 – $240 USD.

Then the cheapest way of connecting from Amsterdam is by bus costing about $4 – $6 USD and it usually takes about two days and three hours.


Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea in the Northern part of Africa, Morocco is popularly defined by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences.

Its capital city is called Rabat featuring several things to try on a visit, its geographical appearance spans from Atlantic Ocean, and Mountainous areas to the Sahara desert.

This exciting African destination to be features a wide coverage of things to explore its charm including culture, religion, nature, historical sites, exciting local cuisine, art, local experience and adventure.

There are several means to use for a connection from Amsterdam to Morocco including flying by plane, train, bus or driving in a private jeep.

The cheapest and quickest way of connecting from Amsterdam to Morocco is to fly by plane costing about $100 – $330 USD and taking about six hours and forty six minutes.


This is a Balkan nation defined by its diverse terrain which surrounds the Black sea coastline, Rivers and several mountains.

Bulgaria is one of the top spots to experience the great South Eastern part of Europe, its capital city is called Sofia.

This amazing destination to be features several things to keep your day’s occupied combining culture, history, real life experience, adventure and Relaxation.

There are several ways to connect from Amsterdam to Bulgaria including bus, plane, train or drive in a private jeep.

The cheapest way to go is either by train or fly by plane which costs about $50 – $210 USD and the fastest way to go is by flying on a plane which takes five hours and fifty seven minutes.


Another breath-taking destination in Central Europe, its capital Budapest is bisected by Danube River which provides a serene relaxing atmosphere within.

This spot wows most of visitors with its sparkling cityscapes studded with a collection of architectural landmarks. From 19th century chain bridge, grand neoclassical buildings along Pest’s Andrassy Avenue to Buda’s medieval castle hill.

It can be easily accessed from Amsterdam for its charming environment and several ways of getting to from Amsterdam thrive. From flights, train travel, bus to driving at your own pace.

The fastest way to go is by flying taking about 5 hours and 19 minutes, it costs between $75 – $230 USD per person.

The cheapest way to go is by bus costing between $75 – $150 USD per person, it takes about 25 hours and 24 minutes for the drive from Amsterdam to Hungary.


Nestled on the south Eastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula is Albania, a small country described uniquely by its Adriatic and Ionian coastlines as well as an interior crossed by Albanian Alps.

It’s highly rated at offering a mixture of culture, religion and historical encounters with its diverse range of castles and archaeological sites. From Capital Tirana centres, National History Museum, to Et’hem Bey Mosque.

Traveling from Amsterdam to Albania, you can either go by train, fly, drive at your own or hop on a bus.

The cheapest and quickest way of getting to Albania from Amsterdam is by taking a flight to Tirana, it costs between $95 – $230 USD per person and takes about six hours and nineteen minutes.


Divided into sixteen administrative subdivisions, Poland is impressive to most of visitors because of its temperate seasonal climate.

Poland features a diversity of awe inspiring things, from Gothic Wawel castle, Wilanow Palace & Museums, Long at St Mary Church & Amber to Centennial Hall and Panorama of Raclawice.

From train travel, flying by plane, driving your own car to bus travel is a list of different options of getting to Poland from Amsterdam.

The cheapest way to get to Poland is to bus via Duivendrecht costing about $55 – $95 USD person and quickest way is to fly which takes about four hours and twenty eight minutes.


Nestled in the central part of Europe, Slovenia is famous for its ski resorts, mountains offering impressive views and several lakes with their crystal clear waters. Feel a little bit of Slovenia’s charm with a visit to its major spots.

From the town of Bled with its church topped islet, glacial lake fed by hot springs to Cliffside medieval castle. Its capital, Ljubljana is dominated by the beautiful 20th century architecture.

Traveling from Amsterdam to Slovenia, you can either go by Train, bus, drive yourself or fly by plane.

The cheapest way from Amsterdam to Slovenia is by bus which costs between $90 – $140 USD per person and fastest way is to fly which takes about five hours and four minutes.


One of the main reasons for a trip to Northern part of Europe, Estonia borders the Gulf of Finland and Baltic Sea. With an archipelago of over 1500 islands, Estonia’s huge terrain spans several lakes, rocky beaches and old growth forests.

Its dotted castles, churches and fortresses highlights Estonia’s status as formerly being part of the Soviet Union. Its capital features alluring spots, from museums, preserved old town to the Tallinn TV Tower which is about 314m high.

The cheapest and fastest way of traveling from Amsterdam to Estonia is to fly which costs between $85 – $260 USD per person and it takes about five hours.


Situated on the Baltic Sea between Estonia and Lithuania, Estonia’s landscape is described by its wide beaches plus dense trailing forests.

Its capital, Riga presents a huge central market, awesome architecture, medieval old town with St Peter’s Church. Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum spotlights local crafts, food and music.

Different ways of getting to Latvia from Amsterdam exist including Train travel, bus, drive your car or fly by plane.

From the list, flying by plane seems cheaper and quickest way costing between $85 – $210 USD per person and takes about five hours and twenty six minutes.


Lithuania borders Poland, Latvia and Belarus, its Vilnius is most popular because of its archaic old town, Gothic and baroque architecture as well as the 18th century cathedral which was built on a pagan temple site.

Hilltop Gediminas’ Tower known as a symbol of the nation and city offers eye catching vistas of cityscapes.

Cheapest way of getting to Lithuania from Amsterdam is to bus via Gdansk which costs between $80 – $120 USD per person. Then the fastest way of getting there from Amsterdam is to fly by plane taking about five hours and eleven minutes.

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