10 Best Greek Islands for Honeymoon

Top Greek Islands for Honeymoon

10 Best Greek Islands for Honeymoon Holidays

If it’s listing the top honeymoon destinations in the World, Greece is a must. It has a lot of beautiful places where you can spend romantic moments.

With over 6000 islands in the country, it’s really hard to decide on the best ones to choose for your Greek holiday.

Whether you wish to lie on the beach, explore caves, uncover hidden gems or hold hands at sunset, Greece is a true delight that can fit all couples of different interests.

To cut the story short, we have tried to highlight the top ten Greek Islands for honeymoon holidays.

Santorini – For the sunsets

Listed amongst the World’s romantic destinations, Santorini welcomes several honeymooners per year.

Luxurious hotels around and scenic views turn the area, a romantic getaway every couple would wish to be for some time.

In addition to white houses, old stone streets and picturesque churches, Santorin fascinates seasonal travelers with delicious wines, off the beaten path spots like Pyros and piquant food.

Crete – For road tripping

A remarkable island hopping experience in Greece? Crete is simply the best at that. This Island is the largest in the country and has a lot for couples to indulge in.

Some of the top things to make your days here are scuba diving, hiking in Samaria gorge. A tour around Rethymnon and Chania cities with their antique lighthouses and exquisite Venetian harbours also appeals.

The best way to explore Crete is to rent a car and drive around for a couple of weeks. Get a little bit off the path to immerse the beautiful mountain villages.

Rhodes – For eating local specialties

For a couple of years, Rhodes is included amongst the highlights for a Greek honeymoon trip. There are countless temptations for travelers such as the untouched beach shorelines, Archaeological Museum (15th century Knights’ hospital) and more.

From the top of the Lindos Acropolis, you can take in sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea.

More than that, this romantic medieval town is a hub of Greek food. Cafe Hamam is the best locale to savor numerous dishes such as gemista, dolmades and fava.

Kalymnos – For a remote paradise

Situated between Kos and Leros, Kalymnos offers all that you can need on a laid back honeymoon holiday in Greece. It is remote, and this makes it a perfect getaway from Greece busy cities.

It stars four main beach areas that include Kalamies, Kantouni, Gefira and Masouri. Among all, Masouri beach has something special for you to marvel.

Besides birds eye sunset views, this beach treats visitors with luscious fresh seafood and incredible rock climbing adventures for active honeymooners.

Ios – For hiking

Located near Amorgos, Santorini and Mykonos, Ios welcomes guests with amazing beaches, exquisite traditional grandeur and awe-inspiring views. You can get there by a hike from Mylopostas beach or take a road trip.

Amongst the romantic things to do here, the picnic on Klima beach is exceptional. In the evening, a scenic hike to the windmills offers spectacular sunset views. Do not miss to dine in one of the beach restaurants that serve fresh seafood.

Naxos – For lush greenery

With a short ferry ride from Paros, you find Naxos; the largest and greenest island of the Cyclades. Adding to the astounding Portara of Apollo’s temple, the lush gorges, valleys and dramatic mountain ranges make up a stunning backdrop for photo junkies.

From a range of eateries for foodies, beautiful beaches for those after relaxing, to various cruise offers for adventure-minded couples, Naxos has something to impress all honeymooners.

Mykonos – For Scooter Adventures

If you wish to spend your honeymoon in a different way than relaxing on the beaches, Mykonos is a perfect answer.

This island differs itself from others with windmills and picturesque white buildings. Hiring a scooter and drive around is the best way to explore Mykonos with its wonders. Delicious Greek food adds to the panoramic views that surround the locality.

Paros – For the local experience

Paros is less known to tourists and with this reason; it is not hard to understand why it’s still pristine.

If you prefer a relaxed honeymoon holiday along with local life encounters in Greece, Paros is the best to go. Travelers usually enjoy the local cuisine served by different eateries in its city centre and as well meet with locals.

Zakynthos – For romance.

With certainty, Zakynthos is inclusive of Greece’s top romantic places. It is rare to find it missing on an itinerary for a customized honeymoon trip to Greece. There are many ways to explore it, but by a car, you have a lot to appreciate.

The list of things to keep you busy include a scenic drive that starts from the eastern part of the Island, a private boat trip to Blue caves and Navagio beach together with snorkelling.

Corfu – For Snorkeling

Starting from the azure waters, golden beaches, captivating sunset views to olive trees, Corfu Island features incredible wonders, worth to relish with your loved one. From Corfu town, take a romantic walk along the streets as you explore its fortresses.

Climb-up the church of Saint Spyridon; from the top, views of the sea are inspirational. The Eastern part of the island is occupied by the idyllic Kassiopi fishing village with one of the best sites for diving.

To the west, Canal D’Amour with its picnics coexists with Sidari, a suitable venue to spend an intimate evening.

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