Top 10 Romantic Islands In Greece

Romantic Islands in Greece

Top 10 Romantic Islands In Greece

Greece features a plethora of pristine islands. All are unrivalled and charming, but amongst them, we list some which are most exceptional.

A romantic trip to Greece rewards a lot including beautiful boat trips, hikes, lounging by the pool, beach hopping, panoramic views, taste on yummy cuisine served by posh restaurants and overnight stays in spacious boutique rooms.

Whether you are after to escape from the bustling Greek cities or impressing your loved ones on a honeymoon holiday, we recommend these ten Islands as the best to have a vacation like no other.


Santorini is one of the most sought-after islands in Greece. It is a couple’s favourite spot and has lots to offer for those who are after romance and luxury settings.

It differs its self from others with sculptural clifftop buildings, volcanic landscapes, infinity pools and impressive sunset views.

High-end hotels, beach resorts and restaurants available are just perfect for a guest stay. You can try various enthralling activities like wine tasting, sunset yacht cruise.


For those who fancy a crowd-free honeymoon break in Greece consider a trip to the tranquil Folegandros Island. It has a lot to marvel that other islands in the country do.

Most visitors are fascinated by the wild beaches, hugging locals and impeccable views.

The Blue Sand Boutique Hotel and Suites is the best at offering classy accommodation services – suites treat guests with views of Agali beach.


When compared, this Island has its unusual charm; it is attractive and draws plenty of holidaymakers.

The highlight here is the sandy beaches such as Sarakiniko with its scenic rock formations; is listed as one of the few ideal spots for beach hangouts in Greece.

More than that, this locality pleases trippers with its stunning villages, delicious food and the peerless sirmata.

To have more of the Island’s excitements, you can hire a quad bike or car to reach the deserted beaches and other off the beaten path spots.


Set amid the Dodecanese and Cyclades, this butterfly-shaped island is a destination to count if you intend for laid-back getaways.

It is authentic and crowd-free. Apart from awe-inspiring views, the island grants abundant opportunities for skinny dipping.

Astypaleia is sublime for those who wish to turn from modern life and switch to a setting where electricity is a doubt. For convenience, Pylaia Boutique Hotel & Spa is unbeatable with its posh suites.


Hidden far away from the Athens, Amorgos is an off the beaten path spot where serenity and purity are the orders of the day.

It featured in Luc Besson’s The Deep Blue, with this reason; it is not hard to understand why it’s notable.

It is near Naxos; therefore you can combine the visit. This place is suggested for those who are ready to fall in love.


From Athens, it takes about two hours to reach a Hydra by a ferry ride. This picturesque Island is vehicle free and ideal for short breaks – it has less to see.

Lieng around the main harbor like an amphitheatre, Hydra town is the motive for visitors to the island. In summer the Island lures adventurers with its classy nightlife and hiking via the donkey tracks that crisscross it.


To have a blend of beach life and immersion of varied historic sites, look no further than Rhodes Island. It is versatile and popular as far as romantic holidays in Greece.

What makes it unique from others is the onsite international airport. Of all, you should not miss the whitewashed village of Lindos.

From nice restaurants, a cluster of pristine sandy beaches, charming streets, ancient sites like Lindos Acropolis to spectacular views, this small town is truly a must for Greek romantic vacations.

Some of the in-place lodge facilities are Lindos Sun Hotel, Kokkini Porta Rossi and Lindos Blu.


Off the west coast of Greece, you find Kefalonia a fantastic destination that overwhelms vacationers with its photogenic setting.

Besides the luxurious fishing village of Fiskardo (popular with yachties), the other draw on the island is the exquisite Assos; it consists of traditional rebuilt houses.

On-site restaurants serve mouth-watering seafood. To add on, the Island favors hiking and nature lovers, sailing and other water sports add to the thrill.


There is nowhere to feel more romantic with your partner than the Island paradise of Koufonisia. It is among the Cyclades group of Islands.

If you hunger for fine white sand, appealing turquoise waters and vibrant beach bars, Koufonisia is a spot to amaze you.

It has a lot to occupy your days, including snorkelling and boat trips. You can even rent a bike and explore the island on two wheels.

Accommodation is of high class; all facilities are provided to ensure a complacent stay for guests.


Out of all, Crete is hard to find. It is the largest in Greece and actually on most of the travelers’ itineraries for many reasons.

One of them is the abundant charm that qualifies it for romantic breaks in Greece. It stars copious untouched beaches, historic cities and ancient sites.

For deluxe suites as well as sun-drenched beaches head to Crete’s north coast.

This region has a range of resorts including five-stars. With its setting, it is a place worth to spend your romantic times.

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