Europe: Discover The Drama Queen

Discover Europe

Europe: Discover The Drama Queen – Visit Europe ranked to be the most exciting Continent among the Seven Continents, with wealth of scenic beauty, rich history and Culture

With no other place equally spectacular, historic and artistic, Europe is aptly called the drama queen. From the Southern sea shoes to the Northern lights, this continent keeps surprising its tourists by offering never before scenes.

With its wealth of scenic beauty, rich history and culture and lively people Europe will thrill you at the first sight. This place is for everyone starting from nature lovers to party hoppers, from people taking interest in times gone by to business people.

There are so many places to travel around. Visit Athens, the birthplace of democracy or explore the Forum of Rome. Drink the glory of the Grand Canal palaces of Venice or be awed at renaissance buildings o Florence.

The Moorish citadels of Andalucia or the grandeur of French art and culture, all are equally inspiring. If you take interest in architectural remains, explore Turkey or check out the haunting buildings of Auschwitz, Poland.

Find a second Venice in St Petersburg or delve into the world of music, art and fashion that is the heart and soul of Berlin and London.

The extra ordinary heritage sights of Europe will leave you awestruck. The continent leads the globe in art, music and fashion. Here are the architectural marvels that will compel you to hail the masterminds of mankind as well as the wealth of natural wonders that will take you closer to the creator.

If stunning natural beauty is what you wish to explore, the fjords or Norway are awaiting you, the Scottish Highlands are beckoning you and the majestic Alps of Italy, France and Switzerland are dying to embrace you. The unspoiled mountains of Slovenia, Spain, Slovakia and Southern Poland will also take your heart away.

Grand waves kissing the white sandy beaches – is this the perfect scenery for you? Visit Algarve of Portugal or Costa Brava of Spain or Cote d’Azur of France. The pristine beaches of Bulgaria and Albania are no less beautiful. While you are planning for Europe tours visiting the islands of Croatia and Greece is a must.

With picturesque scenery, rich culture and tradition and the warm and hearty people of the continent – everything come together to create a magical experience for you when you visit the queen of continents.

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