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Turning Your Snap Back into a Gap

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Turning Your Snap Back into a Gap, How to Travel Around on Budget and Reduce on Costs Incurred

The gap year holiday, which is usually undertaken after college or university, is rapidly turning into a ‘snap year’ as people are beginning to spend shorter amounts of time abroad. Prospective or graduate students are also shortening their time away as they face the financial burden of increasing tuition fees. However this article will show that there are a number of ways in which you can reduce the amount of money you spend without having to compromise the length of your trip.

Research you RTW (Round the World) Ticket; you can pick and choose which ticket is right for your travels as there are many different tickets with many different airlines. You should compare the prices which each company offers in order to find the ticket which works out the cheapest.

You should do in-depth research if you’re using single flights; these are better for travellers who are sticking to regions and countries that are close to one another. Book your flight in advance or get a late deal and be prepared to fly early in the morning, late at night and midweek – this will allow you to get the cheaper deals. Compare different airlines as they have competitive prices and different offers. You should also avoid flying during school holidays as prices soar during this time.

You should purchase an InterRail pass if you are travelling solely within Europe. This lasts for one month and gives you access to unlimited travel around Europe. It can also save on your accommodation costs as you can use the sleepers on board.

You must buy travel insurance before heading on your gap year as having an accident in a foreign country can be expensive. You should research different companies to get the cheapest deal as the prices of travel insurance are competitive. Prices are also cheaper depending on your destinations and the activities you will undertake whilst away.

Staying in hostels can be the cheapest form of accommodation for backpackers; they are also a great place to meet fellow travellers. Campsites are also extremely cheap; you can carry your own tent around and set it up at a range of different destinations.  You may also want to stay with a host family; you can learn invaluable lessons but may also have to muck in with the house chores.

There are two ways to manage your budget whilst away on a gap year; you can either mix the two methods together or simply follow one plan. You can work prior to your trip and build up enough savings to budget for every last detail and cost.  Instead you could obtain a working visa and find jobs along your travels.  However this could mean that you have to stay in one destination for an extended amount of time.

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