Where is London–A Guide to the Exciting London?

Matt Smith

A lot of people usually ask where is London and the simple answer to this question is that London is the capital of England.

Its stands overlooking the popular River Thames, and has served as a primary settlement for several thousands of years, with its own history tracing back to its establishment by the Romans.

It was them who named the city Londinium, the name London was used starting from the 19th century referring to the metropolitan area which was developed in the city core.

London Travel Guide

If you are offered the opportunity to visit this wonderful city, it is not enough to know the answer to the question where is London? But you also have to know how to get around this exciting area visiting its major hot spots.

One exciting thing about this city is that there are several characterised options available when it comes to transportation and it would be of importance to your side to know how these transport systems actually work.

Riding the tube, or subway is ranked to be the fastest way to get around this amazing city of England.

It is also a better, and a cheaper alternative when compared to using buses and taxis. Each tube route is mapped using different colors, allowing you to refer to them easily.

It is usually important and worth checking in order to see scheduled works because this may have an impact on your travel. There are a lot of trains which run every hour.

The operations start about five thirty in the morning, until midnight. If you need to visit any place where the trains cannot go, then you can always opt to take a taxi.

With this, you can try the black London cabs that run the streets, as they are nice and elegant. Taxis remain to be a good and convenient method of transportation when traveling around London.

Taxi drivers in London are already familiar with the ins and outs of this city extremely well, and are ready take you wherever you just want to go on your visit.

Other Transportation Options

You may feel liking hiring a care and experience the drive around the city. Even though you can expect freedom by choosing this type of transportation, it is extremely important to know that driving within London is really demanding and the streets are quite busy with traffic jams, which can build up for several miles.

The traffic congestion also usually changes in different places all over the city. This means that you may end up just paying more than what you have already anticipated or planned to pay.

Using an oyster card is a great option to save money while traveling all over London, when you learn about these types of transportation all over the city, you will find that identifying where London is can only be answered by actually getting there and this seems to be a great experience.