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Start off with an Eco-Friendly Vacation

Eco Friendly Vacation

Start off with an Eco-Friendly Vacation – Best Places to go for Exciting Eco-Friendly Vacations

An amazing 134 countries participated in the Earth Hour program, 2011 which was aimed at reducing usage of natural resources and increasing awareness on global warming. The unanimous participation remarkably surfaced the involvement of a varied range of entities, from organizations to the most popular landmarks saving energy by switching off lights.

Energy efficiency is a popular cause behind this humane step. If you are wondering why I am saying all these when I should have mentioned some more about holiday destinations; then let me explain. The idea of “Go Green” has urged many of us to think otherwise while deciding on a holiday.

Playing your part is important when it comes reducing your carbon footprint. So let us choose some of the world’s most beautiful destinations which are still free from hazardous carbon emissions. These countries are rated as one of the most environment friendly locations of the planet, earth.

Switzerland: If you are not well and the doctor has prescribed you a refreshing holiday, then Switzerland tops the list of eco-friendly destinations. The place is regarded as heaven on earth for its serene charm and enchanting scenic beauty.

The amazing mountains and the pure waters of the lake magnify the charisma of this heavenly place. Moreover, you would find reserved forests that are maintained by the forest authorities. Nothing gets better than grabbing a fresh air of what seems like a dream place to many of us.

Sweden: If you still haven’t caught a snap of Sweden, you wouldn’t know why this place is a magnet for tourists. Mostly endowed with the richness of virgin forestry, glacier topped peaks and an amazing flora, fauna diversity; you would wonder if you had a home overlooking the clear waters, somewhere along the hilly regions enjoying life under the blue skies.

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There are still many places, like Norway and Iceland most preferred for the eco-friendly traveler, at least the Europe travel guide reveals so.

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