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Best Ranked Destinations to Go for Sking Holidays

Skiing Holidays in France

Sugarloaf, Maine and Sugarbush, Vermont Ski Holiday Destinations – Listed are the top exciting Destinations ranked for Best Sking Holidays

One of the most renowned ski holiday destinations in the Appalachian mountain range is Sugarloaf, Maine. Mountain Sugarloaf in Maine has a peak that is over 4200 feet from the summit, with about 2800 feet of that being vertical elevation.

In fact, Mount Sugarloaf has been considered to be some of the most challenging terrain on the East Coast of the United States for years.

Experienced skiers recommend finding a local guide or learning the trails of the massive mountain, rather than depending on the ski lifts to find the best spots.

Despite the fact that there are at least 10 mountains surrounding the Sugarbush, Vermont area, many locals routinely choose to ski at Sugarbush because of the exhilarating skiing experience this renowned resort has to offer.

Sugarbush is also home to several fine dining establishments, is known for having a variety of challenges, from kid friendly cruisers to high-speed laps on the Upper FIS or the Northridge express.

In fact, according to online surveys Sugarbush has been ranked number one for terrain variety, as both professional and novice skiers can have a good time at this popular Vermont ski holiday destination.

Since Sugarloaf, Maine and Sugarbush, Vermont have very similar names, it may seem ironic that they would both be ranked amongest the top 10 ski resorts on the East Coast, however the term sugar in the name refers to all of the snow cover that has been historically seen within their respective areas.

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