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How to Make Your Flight More Luxurious?

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Tips to Make Your Flight More Luxurious – Listed below are some of the tips to Consider such that you turn your Budget Flight into a Luxury one.

Okay, so you always fly coach, no exceptions, and even when someone else buys you a first class ticket, you downgrade to coach and pocket the savings. Fine, stick to your guns and try to be as thrifty as possible.

With the price of travel these days, it only makes sense to scrimp and save whenever and wherever you can. However, you may want to take a little bit of that savings and turn it into a true luxury flight.

Here are a few tips that should help you to turn that budget flight into a luxury trip without breaking the bank.

Enjoy a Luxury Cocktail

On some flights with some airlines, you get free drinks. On other flights, you might only be allotted a single drink. Some might have rules against alcohol, but in any event, you can probably kick back with at least one free cocktail no matter who you’re flying with or where you’re going.

See about a Virgin Red Head or a Roy Rogers if they don’t serve any alcohol and you want something free or cheap.

Bring Your Own Pillow

The pillows that they offer on most planes are scratchy, stiff and smell like egg salad sandwiches left out in a dumpster in Florida for a couple days in the middle of summer.

If you want real luxury on a flight, bring your own pillow so that you can enjoy softness and comfort no matter what class you’re flying.

Fly in the Slow Season

The great thing about flying in the slow season is that you wind up on a plane that isn’t quite as packed as it could be.

This means that you get a lot of the luxuries of first class even if you’re in coach: Fewer screaming babies, more leg and elbow room and, if you’re lucky, maybe an opportunity to sit entirely alone in a row of seats. If this happens to you, you may feel like you have half a first class section all to yourself.

Bring a Side Dish

Pack something at home or in your hotel that you can eat on the plane. Something small, of course. The idea is that, well, airplane food, even when it’s okay, they never serve it in very large portions.

If you bring your own mashed potatoes or vegetable salad, you can have a meal that is a lot more filling than the airline actually intended. It grants the illusion of a first class dinner at coach seat prices.

Extra Socks

Here’s the most important tip on this list: Bring extra socks. When you’re sitting in a chilly plane and you want to warm your feet, a couple pairs of warm cotton socks will do the trick.

Arrive in style

There are a number of things to worry about when it comes to planning your trip and transport to and from the airports is often an issues. There is nothing worse than piling yourselves and two large suitcases onto public transport.

Why not hire a car with a company such as  Not only will you save plenty of time getting to and from the airport, Airport parking is one less thing to worry about!.

It’s all about finding these little luxury spots, little tricks that you can put to work for you to save money and have more fun on your flight. A lot of people hate flying, but once you learn these tricks, you may relish the experience.

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