How to Avoid fraud Websites for Cheap flights

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Are you falling under the prey of fraud travel websites to get cheap flights? – Best way of avoiding these fraud websites for Cheap flights particularly for those who usually book online

Due to increase number of travel websites and exciting cheap flights offer one is falling under the prey of fraud travel websites. Thus your expectation of an exciting good trip may turn into nightmare. But how to spot cheap flight scams?

Here are some tips to follow before planning a trip through online:-

Free Travel prizes:

Airline companies arrange for a travel contest and may give you a free trip as a winning prize. First they will advise you to deposit a amount for membership and to buy their product and services to avail free trip prize. Don’t get attracted to these prizes as they may scam you. They will take your money as well as commission paid by the travel supplier and will never come back again to give you the free trip.

Sales target:

To achieve their sales target some companies will force you to book your tickets “right now” to get cheap flights. Some offer may state as “limited availability”. That’s the warning of fraud websites..

Credit card

Do your research well while paying online through credit card. They make take your information and will have all your money.

Hope the above tips are useful. If you have already fallen under the prey do contact Attorney General’s office in your state and claim for the lost money.

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