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Backpacking Money Making Tips – How to go Backpacking and Save some money in your Pocket

So you’ve finished off 2011 in style; you have asked all your family and friends to contribute to your 2012 gap year traveling and already applied for and had the documentation back in for your Backpacker Insurance, so what next?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, when you’re traveling round the world enjoying the lifestyle that you have been dreaming of for the past 24 months; just you and a backpack and a list of pre booked destinations to arrive at throughout the year there will be a point (unless you are extremely fortunate) when you have to think about money.

Even the most planned and seasoned travelers often hit this financial barrier at some point when taking on a 12 month excursion covering many countries. The main reason for this I believe is that there are points at which you have to “spoil” yourself and this spoiling pot is never considered in the initial travel fund.

So what can you do to ensure that you can enjoy some well earned luxuries while your away that don’t involve fruit picking (although there is nothing wrong with this as a traveling job believe me the backbreaking pain compared to remuneration really makes you think of other possibilities)?

My personal favorite when in foreign speaking areas is to teach English – You will gain so much from this not only monetary but mentally. Working within schools with local children can be a great pre-planned traveling bank account top up.

Usually you will need to commit to several weeks but even occasional days can add substantial income when away (I also think that this looks great on your CV when you start job seeking in the following year).

If you are literally on the move nonstop then use your notebook, laptop, iPad or whatever mobile device you have at your disposal to earn income online.

Some of the most typical ways that this can be achieved is with answering surveys online, taking online tests, reviewing products (a great way to also return home to a number of free products as well post testing) and blogging.

If the above doesn’t give you a little extra confidence on ways to earn whilst on the move abroad perhaps think about what else you can do to add to that reserve pot (believe me the more you have the better you will feel).

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