How To Become Best Buddies With Berlin

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How To Become Best Buddies With Berlin

Being the eclectic town that it is, it can be pretty difficult trying to figure out Berlin. Where does one go? Where does one begin? Only being reunified a little over twenty-years ago, one could say this ‘born again’ city is still in relative infancy, despite its history dating many hundred years.

There are so many faces and parts to this city an overnight stay really is not enough to give this once war torn city a chance.

Get down with the history by visiting some of the city’s landmarks

Most of the popular sites are situated (but are not limited to!) the Mitte District. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Museum Island.

There is a wide range of history in one of Berlin’s smallest districts, which is not just about the city’s dark park.

If you need to brush up on your history skills then it is probably better to either do a walking tour of visit one of the many informative museums. DDR Museum, Museum Island,

Museum of Topography of Terror. All of them give an informative description of Germany’s past.

Get cool. Berlin has been labeled for its cool culture and rebellious attitude.

Kreuzberg, Prenzlaurberg and Friederichshain(?) have become a  hub for international creativity. Spend some time in a bar or café, head next door to an independent gallery.

There are plenty of green spaces and parks to unwind in with a very alternative atmosphere with plenty of street art and graffiti. If it all gets a bit too much grab some lunch and chill out by the river.

Couch surfing. For international visitors, it can be difficult understanding the German people at a local level, and managing to do so will really have you becoming best buddies with Berlin.

Couch surfing in Berlin is a great opportunity which should be used as visitors can decide whether they share a flat with a host, or have a whole authentic Berlin apartment to themselves.

This city always has something to please its many visitors throughout the year, rain or shine. This could be why it has become such a highlight for international visitors.

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