Iceland Air Travel On Halt After a Severe Volcanic Eruption

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Iceland Air Travel On Halt After a Severe Volcanic Eruption

Located some 40 kilometers from the capital Reykjavik, a long-dormant volcano in southwest Iceland erupted on Friday causing interference to the country’s various sectors including air travel.

Reports show that both inbound and outgoing flights from Keflavik International Airport are on hold for some time. After some studies, it will resume.

This eruption adds to thousands of smaller earthquakes that occurred recently in the area. The country is under tough times. Nationals are advised to be calm and pray for good times ahead.

Iceland’s Meteorological Office reported the fissure caused by the eruption near the Fagradals Mountain was around 500 meters long, declaring “flight color code is red but very little turbulence is seen on seismometers.”

A seismograph indicates that this heavy eruption started at 8:45 p.m. local time. The lava appeared to flow slowly.

This was all showcased in the video shared by the Meteorological office on their Facebook account.

Responsible authorities advised people to avoid the eruption site as stated below.

“We request people to stay calm and never bother to go close to the venting site or on Reykjanesbraut.

First responders need to be able to drive freely to assess the situation. Our scientists are working on assessing the eruption,” police said.

Aslaug Arna Sigurbjornsdottir, the country’s Minister of Justice shared an image of the emission exhibiting a night sky glowing bright red.

The police department revealed that they expected volcanic gas pollution to extend up to the southern coast of the Olfus municipality.

This residential area is 50 km from Reykjavik and accommodates about 2000 people

Since February 24, Iceland’s Southern Peninsula with its Krysuvik volcanic system had recorded at least 40,000 tremors.

Therefore this emission isn’t surprising. Experts expected a lava-based outpouring.

The 2010 Eyjafjallajokull volcano discharge generated a massive ash cloud which disrupted about 900000 flights across Europe for several weeks.

This region often experiences effusive ejections, where lava flows out of the ground, rather than explosive ones which cause ash clouds to burst high into the sky.

Explosions are ever problematic for air travel. It affects the visibility and damaging of jet engines. This physical feature has been inactive for almost 900 years.

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