Discover France Through Roads

Discover France by Road

Discover France Through Roads- Visit & Discover France by Road Means of Transport ranked to be one of the most excellent and convenient way enjoying this amazing Destination

Driving through the excellent roads of France is one of the best way to explore the country. There is no better way to explore France than drive through the country in a car.

Tourists can pass through picturesque countryside, gushing rivers, sandy beaches, snow covered peaks, small charming villages, historic castles and much more.

Driving holiday in France with the family or friends, stopping off in the small villages or roadside motels sampling freshly prepared exotic local French cuisine and local wine is the best way to enjoy a vacation.

If traveling to France from the UK, then car ferry is a very sensible and popular choice. This allows tourists to have their own car and do away with the hassle of hiring.

That said, even though renting a car in France is very simple. However, it’s better to hire vehicle from big names such as Hertz and Avis to ensure peace of mind.

France has some of the best roads in the world and well worth paying the tolls. The excellent motorways make it possible to get somewhere quick and easy.

There are also many routes to take. When driving from Paris to Bordeaux, tourists will drive past some of France’s famous wine trails and be able to see all the vineyards from the road. Tourists can as well stop for some wine tasting.

Further north, around Normandy, the Loire Valley is the place to taste as well as buy some of the famous cheese in France. Driving south towards Lyon, St Etienne and Provence offer excellent views from the window.

The picturesque mountains, hills and miles of beaches will enthral tourists. It’s an ideal region to enjoy a picnic. But be aware of a few things when driving through France

  •    The legal age to drive is 18 years in France
  •    It’s essential to wear a seat belt and kids under ten cannot sit in the front seat.
  •    There is a fine if the speed limit is over 125km/h on the motorways.
  •     Fit deflectors to dim headlights. Keep a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and red triangle that glows in the dark in case you have a breakdown.
  •    It’s compulsory to use the lights even during the day in bad weather.

France is a great country to explore via roads. Tourists can also go on theme driving holidays in France and take the wine route to explore the country’s wine producing region of Bordeaux as well as see medieval castles and prehistoric caves of Perigord and Dorgogne, and the vineyards of the Lot region on this route.

Alternatively the UK tourists can board a cheap ferry to Calais with a car and tour the cheese regions of Paris, Normandy and Loire Valley or drive through Aquitaine and Brittany region to see some of France’s beautiful beaches.

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