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24 hours in Paris: One Day Experience

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24 hours in Paris: One Day Exciting Experience in Paris – Explore Paris’ main points of Interest in One day through visiting its major exciting places

The wonderful thing about cities is that even if you only have 24 hours to spend in them, you can still fit plenty in; thanks to their layouts and transport systems. Paris is no exception and even if you’ve only booked a room in a Paris hotel for one night, you can still have a fantastically French experience.

However in order to fit everything in, you’ll need to be up bright and early. This either means spending the night before in your hotel, then hopping on a night-time flight or train – or alternatively booking an early flight/train, then collapsing at midnight into your hotel bed. Either way, be sure to throw your morning grumps out of the window!

Your individual itinerary will differ from anyone else’s, so it’s pointless copying those who have done the 24-hour trip before you.

What you can do though is think about your priorities for the day. You’ll likely want to visit the Musee Picasso – filled with over 3,000 pieces not only from the man himself, but from other revered artists like Matisse – as well as visiting a typical Parisian cafe.

Sipping on silky coffees or hot chocolates, you shouldn’t leave until you’ve tried a real croissant. Buttery and with the ability to melt in your mouth, these are a French tradition that shouldn’t be missed.

If you haven’t been before, chances are you’ll want to stop at the Eiffel Tower, too; as well as the Medici Fountain. Head to Le Marais – old Paris – as well, as it boasts beautiful architecture and a unique charm.

Another area to squeeze in if you have time is the Latin Quarter, an unusual part of Paris that is home to many local students. Its beautiful botanic garden and national museum are particular draws, as is the diverse range of eating options on offer.

Don’t forget to round off your day with a fabulous meal in one of Paris’ many eateries. Some of the best restaurants in Paris include Huiterie Regis in Saint Germain des Pres, Les Tablettes on Avenue Bugeaud and Le Stella, an independent brasserie.

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