Top Five Photography Destinations In China

China Photograpy Destinations

Top Five Photography Destinations In China

China stands among the top exciting destinations in Asia.

It features a blend of charm which tempts most of the travelers to the country. This comprises of culture, adventure, nightlife, local life, cityscapes as well as relaxation.

In addition to that, China is a photogenic destination with a lot of attracting photography spots turning it difficult for most of the photographers to choose the best-rated. With that query, here is our list of top rated photogenic locales to catch the thrill.


Guilin is a must visit for most visitors to China especially photographers. What tempts them are the impressive karst landscapes, blue skies as well as clear waters.

A cruise along the Li River or Yulong offers best views for taking eye-catching photos.

Yangzhou suits the best area to explore the local life of the Zhuang people together with marvelous photos of Long Sheng. Terraced rice fields.

West Lake in Hangzhou

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, West Lake in Hangzhou is one of the most outstanding lakes in China. In summer, a large number of lotuses draws most of Photographers.

In autumn several awe-inspiring views of Moon over the calm lake and melting snow on the broken bridge are inspiring.

Besides that, there is a diverse range of parks, temples, garden and islands around the Lake which offers a beguiling a photo-shoot.

Shanghai’s Modernization

Shanghai is highly rated among top international modern cities around the globe.

For the shooting of the bustling metropolis, Shanghai is actually the number one destination to meet with other photographers of similar interests.

Its outlook is worth photographing for your collection either for a magazine or social media posting like Instagram.

What seduces most of the photographers are: World Financial Centre which offers grand views of modern buildings, the sparkling night cityscapes together with the Bund, a waterfront area in the central Shanghai


If your interest is the photo shoots of the deserts and oasis, then China has no destination inspiring than Dunhuang in northwestern Gansu province.

The major spot to admire here is the Crescent Lake at the foot of Mingsha Mountain, dusk is the best time to capture some striking photos of this Lake.

Enthusiasts of Buddhism culture, best shoots are attained at the Mogao Grottoes nestled at the west of Hexi Corridor with its beautiful murals and statues.

Mogao is the largest well preserved Buddhism grottoes. You can as well take nice photos of caves available.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Thousands of rolling rocks and range of stone peaks here draws the attention of the whole World.

This Park is mostly liked by photographers for its reputation of offering the best views for capturing endlessly beguiling photos of landscapes.

Don’t miss a capture for the southern pillar which was a model of the wonderful Hallelujah Mountain in one of the most popular films “Avatar”.

Best time for feeling the photography excitement of this area is from March to May (spring) and September to November (autumn).

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